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Welcome to Fantasy Land Shrooms. We are a mushroom online dispensary committed to providing the finest quality of microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada.

Whether you need a good place to order magic mushrooms safely or you simply want to get quality medical psilocybin to enhance your creativity and productivity, Fantasy Land Shrooms stocks only the best products for your satisfaction.

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Fantasy Land Shrooms accepts Credit Card, Interac E-transfer, Paypal & Bitcoin !

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Premium Ingredients

Fantasy Shrooms starts with fresh, premium-quality magical mushrooms grown locally in Vancouver BC, pristine natural environments.

Quality Control

Fantasy Shrooms products are potent and pure.

Motivation and Strategic Thinking

Fantasy Shrooms steps up to help your immediate mental performance to optimize your brain in the background.

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Brain Energy

Bust brain fog and fatigue, supporting mental agility, quick thinking and focus.

Boost Mental Performance

Ehance Creativity, Productivity and Dynamic Brainpower.

See Life Through A New Lens

Fantasy Shrooms is committed to providing not only fun, recreational products, but products that influence good mental health.

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Delivery takes 4-8 business days with COVID-19. Stay safe! 🙂 Peace & Love to everyone! <3

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