Mushrooms have been in existence in human society since approximately 6000 years ago or maybe more. For a while, many assumed it was just a natural weed around. Though as people began to graze and look for food to eat, they explored mushrooms as food. However, later they began to discover the enormous importance of this said fungi. They didn’t know Mushrooms are psychoactive fungi when consumed can cause a transformative effect in their lives. The Psychoactive substance of any shrooms even when you buy shrooms online is psilocybin.

Many have come to love magic mushrooms as a psychedelic substance and they have been inventing amazing new and ingenious ways to consume and enjoy shrooms. Some people are even dedicated to researching and providing different resources on how to consume and enjoy magic mushrooms.  We have many suggestions, myths and personal stories of people about how they consume shrooms and heighten the effects of psilocybin in the body. They devised ways to improve the ways to go on incredible trips. However, despite the abundance of these resources, I will be telling you four confirmed ways you can go on incredible psilocybin trips.

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1. Consume a Higher Dose of Shrooms

There is a thing known as mushroom tolerance. This is when your body is transformed due to a regular intake of shrooms. Such that the normal intake that should make you feel the intake of psilocybin substance in shrooms is no longer enough. They have to consume more shrooms than normal to get the desired effects they want in their bodies. This means for an optimized psilocybin trip, to enjoy an intensified one they have to increase their dosages. However, this must be done with wisdom. So that it will not cause side effects such as profuse sweating, paranoia, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea and worse of it coma (truth is no one has died from excess shrooms intake). You should know yourself and take the appropriate dose. Don’t overdo it. Be careful how you do that. Then you can also avoid solo trips when you see you feel mushroom tolerance in your body. You can also refrain from taking mushrooms for a certain while and then start taking them in microdoses.

2. The Mixture of Shrooms and Cannabis

From our observations of people who buy shrooms in Canada, we found out that consumers of mushrooms are natural explorers. They look for ingenious ways to enjoy mushrooms. Their ingenuity has led them to find out what the combination of the psilocybin substance in magic mushrooms together with other drugs or psychedelic materials can do. One such combination that gains much ground is the intake of shrooms and cannabis together. This is like heaven for some of them as it is just the perfect blend their bodies need. Most of them take cannabis before the shrooms while others take it after the shrooms. Whichever way they do it, it is just the right kick for them.

The intake of shrooms, even shrooms online you bought, can sometimes make you nauseous and cause continual vomiting. Especially when you take more than you should. But consumption of cannabis following the shrooms is that it will avert the side effects such as being nauseous and vomiting. This is because cannabis contains strong antiemetic properties that can resist the side effects and make your trips enjoyable. Then Cannabis will make the consumer have the appropriate paradigm (a focus or the right frame of mind), and restrain any inhibitions that may cause embarrassment during your psychedelic journey.

Also taking cannabis together with shrooms elongate the psychedelic trips significantly. A trip that is for 6-8 hours, will be longer when you take cannabis during the 5th or 6th hour. One hit of cannabis prolongs mind focus, the euphoria and visuals within the trip.

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3. Add some Citrus to the mix

Another amazing way to enjoy shrooms is when you mix them with citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and oranges. This is a hack people have come to discover for a long time now. They discover how it can make shroom trips more enjoyable and intensify the effects. Among shroom psychonauts, people who buy shrooms in Canada, lemon tekking is the norm and popularly used. Researchers and scientists who have dedicated time to studying shrooms shed light on how citrus fruits can catalyze and fasten the breakdown of psilocybin in the body.

4. Psychedelic Playlist

The evocative power of music can not be overemphasized at all as it can trigger just the right emotions you desire. Just picking the right playlist will do the trick. Many consumers who understand this now play trippy music during their psychedelic journey to intensify their journeys. It unlocks things in you that open you up to another world. Out of the abundance of playlists available online, you can pick the right songs to achieve that state of calm, peace and tranquility.

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