Shroom slangs and the Trip Language: All you need to know

Can any experience be complete if there are no words to describe it? Before history began documentation, humans consumed mushrooms and underwent psychedelic experiences that they produced. We can assume that people have been given this experience, feeling, and fungi names from that era. Every culture has a native word for shrooms and their knowledge. For the sake of this post, we’d talk about some of the popular slang collections when it comes to shrooms.

The Genesis of shroom slang

Magic Mushroom” was popularized in the year 1957 by Life magazine. It came from an article Gordon Wasson, a mycologist and the Vice president at J.P. Morgan & Company at the time, wrote. In 1995, he went to Mexico to attend a ceremony (velada) hosted by Maria Sabina. There he consumed shrooms and later documented his experience. He titled the article “Seeking the Magic Mushroom.”

These psychoactive mushrooms got their first Western pop-culture name. This ignition spelled the beginning of different terminologies in the fungi world. Those who already had experience with these fungi in Mexico before Watson’s arrival began to give them their other names. Wasson’s publicity did more than allow mushrooms to earn different names. His wife Valentina inspired a generation of tourists to experience a shrooms trip to Oaxaca. It brought about the region’s transformation as it drew attention to the fungi ceremony. Interestingly, in English, the most common name used for psilocybin mushrooms is “Magic Mushroom.”

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The numerous names of magic mushrooms

The mushroom species that contain psilocybin number more than 200 globally. And at least 180 have psilocin or psilocybin; each has different Latin names. Mycologists use these Latin names to categorize and differentiate them. The scientific name of the most common magic mushrooms is “Psilocybe cubensis,” a significant part of the Psilocybe genus. No other genus has a more considerable number of psychedelic mushrooms than the Psilocybe. The Psilocybe has like 240+ unique species, but not all contain psilocybin.

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Regardless of the species, all psychedelic mushrooms are classified under the “Magic Mushroom” umbrella in western culture. Interestingly, the term is far from the only slang used for psychedelic fungi. There are other terms like Boomers, caps, mushies, and pizza toppings, to list a few. These magic mushroom species have unique nicknames like Golden Teacher and Penis Envy. All these mushroom strains have their unique attributes. You can buy shrooms in Canada, consume them and reap the benefits attached.

Shrooms-trip Slang

The experience will be incomplete without the perfect name to describe it. Psychonauts have the vernacular they use to describe the psychedelic landscape. In the same vein, Magic Mushroom slangs have words they use in the psychedelic community like the DMT and LSD. As much as the terms can be similar, the experiences vary between drugs. Magic Mushroom have different slangs or phrases that you should note:


This term is broad as it entails all the experiences, visuals, feelings, or hallucinations that set in after consuming or ingesting your shrooms or psychedelic drugs (DMT or LSD). “Trip” has been associated with this since the latter part of the 1920s, though its fame sometimes rose in the 1960s. We’ve heard reports of the term tripping being employed by the U.S. Army when they experiment with psychedelics during their training. You can’t enjoy your psychedelic trip without the right product.

The word “Trip” was a perfect definition because based on psychonauts, the experience with the drugs transports them to different settings and places in their minds. It looks like being on an actual journey and returning once the effect fades away.

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Ego Death

It is a situation in which one subjectively loses their self-identity. You can say it’s a dissolution of a person’s self-sense, the mind, and body. This unique experience can be linked to all the other types of “mystical-kind” that psilocybin mushrooms can champion. Before you can experience ego death, you have to take a total dose or larger doses of Magic Mushroom.

Loss of self is not necessarily a terrible experience; it just separates you from everyone and makes you feel connected to the universe. It’s just a simple way of attaining “oneness”; you experience a calming feeling; you feel at ease even when you have complex challenges in front of you. It’s a kind of “positive dissolution,” the exact feeling psychonauts hope to achieve from their magic mushrooms trip. Ego death is not always positive; the negative effect kicks in when anxiety and other negative emotions collide with the loss of self-identity


The slang flipping is when you mix your psychedelics with MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Primarily, flipping doesn’t stand independent it is always used in conjunction with other slang to label the psychedelic. When you mix LSD with MDMA, it is called CandyFlipping; mixing shrooms with MDMA is called Hippie Flipping. This method is not always safe as it comes with significant risks. When drugs that don’t complement each other interact, it can cause damage. You want to flip without trouble; then you will need just the right shroom to mix with your MDMA. You can buy shrooms in Canada and enjoy flipping without risk.


After taking psychedelics, you are liable for a sensual experience of visual hallucinations or reality alterations. With experience comes slight changes; you can experience vibrating saturated colors or even swinging trees and other stationary bodies. Psilocybin visuals can be accurately described as augmented reality. One begins to see edges of objects blur or even have some motion that’s not there. When you take them with similar doses, these visual hallucinations are much more delicate than those you experience with other psychedelics like LSD.

Bad Trip

It is only natural to have this slang. As everything isn’t always rosy, psychedelics can also deliver a bad experience. Some of these drugs can trigger terrible experiences if not taken per prescription. These experiences can be frightening; they can generate fear, disorientation, and even panic.

Shroom stomach

This slang refers to some side effects of taking shrooms that are not psychological. Most of these effects are felt mainly in the stomach; stomach pain, cramps, and nausea are some. The products may kick-in handled within the first 30-40 minutes of ingestion and gradually dissolve in the body. These shroom stomachs are caused by the rigid cell walls of raw mushrooms as they are indigestible to humans. However, many other consuming shrooms can help you avoid it. Shrooms edibles, Tea, and chocolate are some of these alternatives. Also, you can cook them or make them into powder forms; they are easy to digest that way.

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Shroom Dosage Slang

As a novice to psychedelics, you need to get familiar with some slang. When it comes to shrooms dosage, you will contact terms you are unfamiliar with. Here are a few keywords you should know:

Heroic Dose

Any large dose of psychedelics that can lead to intense hallucinations and promote reactions like ego death is called a heroic dose. Terence McKenna conceived the slang; he recommended a specific dosage for a fierce shrooms experience. His shrooms dosage prescription is called “heroic dose.” Recently any dose that can bring about intense shrooms experience is called a heroic dose.


You can say the opposite of Heroic Dose is a Microdose in a simple term. As opposed to taking a large dose to induce a shrooms trip, the microdose takes a small amount to avoid causing a shrooms trip. Most of the time, a microdose is one-tenth of a total dose. For mushrooms, it’s about 0.1g or 100mg. There have been informal reports of microdosing to relieve depression, severe aches, and anxiety. It also helps increase creativity, socializing, and productivity.  

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Terms you should know to enjoy safe Tripping.

To enjoy the benefits of a shrooms trip, knowing the languages associated is essential. Though it can’t expressly guarantee no safe experience, it will keep you well-informed of likely challenges you may encounter. Here are some terms you should know:

Set and Setting

Timothy Leary is credited with conceiving the concept of “set and setting” it first came up in 1964 in his book “The Psychedelic Experience.” Set refers to (internal factor), Setting refers to (external factor), the concept can then be simplified as the internal and external factors that impact one’s psychedelic experience. The “Set” can include elements like your mood and perception. The setting has factors like environment, weather, and similar factors. Sometimes some of these factors are cultural and are not even visible.


How well you can mentally travel through your psychedelic trip is termed Navigation. Why do you intend to experience a shrooms trip? During the journey, what emotions are you having? What do you say to yourself? What are your thoughts during the journey? Can you navigate through negative experiences if they ever arise? Navigation is just how you handle the journey and how well you get through it.


Is the final lap of the psychedelic trip is integration. It often takes place a few days after you’ve experienced the journey. It is about taking a timeout with friends, family, or a therapist to make sense of the experience you just went through. It’s just you being in charge of your consciousness and then trying to understand precisely what took place when you were not in control of your conscious state. They are trying to decipher if you can apply what you learned during the trip to your everyday life. It is more significant to those using psychedelics to treat trauma. For recreational doses, it is also essential. In simple terms, you can say integration creates an atmosphere to make sense of your shrooms-trip experience.


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Microdosing Mushrooms: Dose, Benefits, Side Effects

As a not-so-experienced user or a beginner with magic mushrooms, you need to imbibe the knowledge available to you to understand the methods of usage of shrooms. A microdose is a viable way of using magic mushrooms, and this article is a complete guide to microdosing Shrooms.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing shrooms involve using a minute amount of shrooms, LSD, and similar entheogenic substances to enjoy just about one-tenth of the whole experience of taking high doses.  James Fadiman, a psychedelic researcher, coined the word “Microdosing” in 2011, and it has become a household phenomenon since then.  It first appeared in his book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”.

What does it feel Like to experience microdosing shrooms?

A microdose gives you a different feeling from a full psychedelic dose.  Microdose gives a sub-perceptual feeling, something that is not easily noticeable.  So, it is safe to say that microdose doesn’t aim to attain self-consciousness or a level beyond the natural spiritual level.  You don’t get to experience any intense feeling of consuming shrooms.  Microdosing enhances your senses slightly, which for many makes them more involved in their daily activity.  You can buy shrooms online in Canada and enjoy the microdosing experience.

What are the Benefits of microdosing shrooms?  Why do people microdose?

The reason for microdosing shrooms varies; it all depends on the individual. Still, some things are standard with all users—many microdoses do it for one mental health reason.  PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression are just some highlights.

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Beyond mental well-being, people microdose is to increase focus and creativity.  Some users report that they make more intelligent connections when they microdose than they do every regular day.  Many also say that microdosing helps their mind settle and stay focused on the task they are doing at the moment.  Some even lose time by staying focused and attaining a particular flow state.  Athletes and creatives like artists, programmers, musicians, among others, love microdosing because it helps them achieve this flow state.

We discovered that they often suffer concussions and traumatic brain injuries from close dialogue with many athletes who microdose.  They seek to microdose psychedelics due to their ability to stimulate the mental health and well-being of the brain.  Research on microdosing psilocybin to stimulate neuroplasticity is very few.  But a recent study in this area has shown the potential of LSD’s low doses to boost BDNF blood plasma levels.  It is an essential element of neuroplasticity between neurons.

Few people have also testified to microdosing just for fun or satisfy their curiosity.  In some quarters, magic mushrooms are gaining popularity as a replacement for alcohol.  Why?  You can easily buy shrooms online.  A lot of creativity goes into making it into attractive packages.  They are made in “Scooby snacks” containing around 0.25g of psilocybin mushrooms blended with bee pollen and similar natural supplements.

What is the Right Dose?  What is the exact quantity of shrooms microdose?

Micro doses of shrooms are minimal; 100 mg (0.1g) can have a significant difference between starting a shrooms trip somewhat and attaining a sub-perceptual microdose level.  A microdose is one-tenth of a total dose; anything higher than that can be too strong to handle, especially when you still have to go about your daily activities.  There’s a thin line between a microdose and higher doses.  However, the point when it crosses the line is different depending on the individual.

How do you spot this thin line?  It is worth noting that the potency of shrooms differs from strain to strain, species to species.  Also, the human system is similar in structure how they react to things differently.  A solid dose for one can be a microdose to another.  Finally, the effect of different levels of microdosing can be positive or negative for other activities or purposes.  To reap the benefit of microdosing 100%, you can buy shrooms in Canada at Fantasy shrooms.

Microdosing helps you attain a sense of awareness both externally and internally.  You get to see every tiny detail about everything around you, plants, nature, and even science.  You get to see colors better, and your emotions and thought patterns feel, and they need to feel.

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Generally, though, microdosing shrooms stand somewhere between 0.05-0.5g for dried shrooms.  For direct Psilocybe cubensis microdosing, especially strains like the Golden Teacher, you tend to enjoy more benefits when you microdose from 0.1-0.25g.  From the report, if you take any dose slightly higher than 0.25g, it will be prominent, and you may even have a little experience like that of a total amount of shrooms.  In that state, perception becomes altered, and you won’t achieve the goal of microdosing.  But if you don’t have much to do and you can relax, the feeling comes and goes, and then you experience the sense of microdosing and attain increased creativity.

Many people take microdoses in the range of 100mg (0.1g); when you do that, you get to escape the come-up effect and other unwanted feelings, when you take doses around this range, your concentration level increases and is not impaired.

As established, the effects differ per person, so not everyone turns to microdosing to attain greater productivity levels.  Not everyone will experience a come level after talking a little higher dose.  From users’ reports, especially those with depression, they benefit more when they dose around 0.2-0.3g.  They don’t have any apparent distractions or alternations to their sense.  Thus, it is easier to operate in your daily activities and not be disoriented generally.  It is essential to start with tiny does so you can understand how your body interacts with shrooms before you decide on your microdosing range.  Fantasy shrooms offer you the best quality shrooms product, and with them, you can buy shrooms online.

How Long Does a Microdose Last?

The time frame with which microdosing lasts is almost the same as a total dose.  So it can be anywhere between 4-6 hours.  But from some reports, people don’t document specific hours; they tend to have the experience almost throughout the day.  Plus, users tend to enjoy the positive effect of microdosing through to the next day.

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Which are the best shrooms strain to microdose?

While some are still ongoing, much research exists to know the effects of different species and strains of shrooms.  There will be more information on strains that are better and otherwise.  Currently, the most notable species for microdosing is Psilocybe cubensis, most especially the Golden Teacher strain.

Some of the other famous strains for microdosing include Penis Envy, Amazonia, Golden Teachers.  Penis Envy is reputable for its potency; the effect usually used to be stronger than the other strain of P. cubensis.  So, if Penis Envy is your pick of the bunch, you may want to take a smaller microdose than you’d do with the other strains.

You can microdose other notable species, including Atlantis truffles and Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata).  Some experienced users have reported that some species and strains make them feel tired more than others.  That though can be attributed to individual system reactions with these substances.

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How Does microdosing Psilocybin work?

Currently, there’s a cry for more clinical research on microdosing shrooms and other psychedelics as it is still lacking.  However, little research has pronounced the effectiveness and functionality of psychedelics in the brain.  We don’t know precisely how they can serve as a remedy to depression.

Some informal research has been carried out, and this research shows fantastic results of the effect of microdosing.  Microdosers have higher scores in convergent and divergent thinking, and it further spells the ability of microdosing to increase creativity.

The effect of microdosing has its foundation on the expectations of the microdose.  That is an extract from the preliminary research conducted by David Erritzoe in conjunction with Beckley Foundation for psychedelic research and Imperial College London.

Is there a disadvantage to Microdosing?  What are the side effects of microdosing Shrooms?

The common side effect of microdosing is when an individual mistakenly takes a little more than the dose for microdosing.  The side effect varies, though, as the experiences differ.  Some can experience remote tripping, some can have swings in their visual perception, some may have their feelings altered, and they won’t be able to go on with their daily activities or stay focused on the task before them.

From reports, some usual side effects include anxiety, jittering when the product sets in, and some nausea.  Some may have difficulty sleeping if they take the dose later in the evening or afternoon.  If you consume the right product and the correct quantity, you won’t experience any side effects.  you can buy shrooms online at fantasy shrooms for your best quality product

Is It Safe To Microdose Daily?  Are There Any Long-term Effects?

Based on research carried out on athletes who microdose psychedelics, “Matthew Johnson” at John Hopkins University said, “there’s a possibility of microdosing having a long-term effect, but at the time of writing, scientists are yet to uncover these effects.”But based on experience with one serotonin 2B receptor stimulant in the 90s, “fen-phen” made some of those who took them in little dose develop problems with their heart valves.  There’s speculation that it may turn out to be the same with microdosing Shrooms since it stimulates the serotonin 2B receptor.  At the time of writing, scientists haven’t figured that out yet.

Even though there are no problems with microdosing daily, a specialist in the field like Paul Stamets and James Fadiman recommend that a few days on and a few days off is a much better way to go with microdosing.

How to Microdose Shrooms?

Microdosing is straightforward, unlike taking higher or total doses of shrooms.  Your set and setting are essential to how safe a trip you can have.  To maximize the benefits of microdosing, you should have the proper “set and setting” and the right intention, as it will be the foundation on which the experience will be built.

As much as you can microdose and continue with your daily activity as usual, for newbies, it’s essential to have your first experience when you don’t have much to do.  Or when you want to try a new strain, do that when you don’t have to shoulder much responsibility.  Take your microdose in the early hours of the day, except on a free day when you have enough time to yourself.  Do not take any medication that could interact dangerously with the psilocybin.  Also, ensure to use an accurate scale to get the proper measurements.

Microdosing Protocols: Stamets or Fadmiman protocol??

To stop you from building tolerance to psychedelics, experts have formulated protocols you can use to microdose.  Paul Stamets and James Fadiman have created a 4:3 (4 days on and three days off) and 5:2 (5 days on and two days off) protocol; whatever schedule you decide to use works well.  The important thing is to take a few days off as you are microdosing


You can enjoy microdosing if you follow the simple guide we’ve created for you.  Microdosing has so many benefits.  You can maximize these benefits by taking the correct dose and using whatever protocol you think suits you better. Fantasy shrooms are Canada’s #1 Online Shrooms Mail Order Dispensary.  You can buy shrooms in Canada from us.  We are committed to satisfying our customers.  We offer the best quality microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada.  When you shop with us, you get to enjoy- 22% Off all your goods from a minimum of $150 using 2022WELCOME as a promo code.  You can shop with us here at Fantasy shrooms.

All you need to know about Molly

Undoubtedly, the most famous club drug and favorite of many is MMDA or molly. Here’s all you need to know about the most embraced club drug that’s also an FDA-approved treatment for trauma. MDMA, which most know as (“ecstasy” or “molly”) is a club drug popular for promoting openness, connection to the universe, and positivity. Who wouldn’t love to take a pill that will overwhelm you with love, empathy, and meaningful emotions?

As much as it sounds enticing, it also comes with its own risk and side effects that may be beneficial medicinally. It is far from the familiar recreational drug people think it is. With research growing in this field, MDMA may become the go-to for PTSD therapies in the next few years.

MDMA’s Brief History

MDMA is a notable club drug, but its popularity in the party scene is relatively new. German chemists created it sometime in 1912 as an experimental medicine to control bleeding, and Merck (a pharmaceutical company) patented it in 1914. But until the late 70s, scientists started reporting on MDMA’s effects on humans. They discovered that MDMA evokes strong emotional responses, making it a popular choice among psychotherapists. A small group of experts started testing and shared it.

But MDMA’s heyday in psychotherapy was brief. Near 1985, ecstasy had entered the party scene, most notably at Dallas’ Starck nightclub, drawing the attention of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). That same year, ecstasy was added to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, nearly halting research. About 50 years since the last “War on Drugs” began, another group of researchers is reviving psychedelic research.

Chemical constituents of Molly

MDMA is an abbreviation for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Molly is a hybrid of a stimulant and a psychedelic. However, MDMA’s experiential effect is distinct from both classes. It has some psychedelic visual effects. But the drug’s emotional high is unlike other amphetamines’ cold, fast buzz. Canada has the best psychedelic product, and you can buy shrooms online in Canada.

Not an entactogen. Empathies, openness, and emotional connection are entactogens’ main effects. These drugs are also known as empathogens. On the other hand, entheogens are psychedelic drugs that induce mystical experiences that bring one closer to a higher power.

But there’s something you should know before buying street molly. In illicit exchanges, “molly” and “ecstasy” may not contain any MDMA at all. A 2017 study found that barely 60% of the tablets examined had any MDMA at all. The study was conducted with DanceSafe, a non-profit dedicated to improving public safety and drug education in the nightlife community. Worse, roughly a quarter of the examined samples had unknown adulterants.

Illicit “molly” is also distinct from MDMA, used in MDMA-assisted therapy. In some cases, the two compounds are entirely different. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is a highly controlled treatment that combines pharmaceutical MDMA with psychotherapy. According to the above study, “Molly” or “ecstasy” may be a drug cocktail containing varying amounts of MDMA. In many ways, ecstasy and MDMA are not interchangeable.

What Is MDMA?

It’s difficult to tell what you’re taking, let alone how and why it works, which is why a drug testing kit like this is so crucial. However, pure (research-grade) MDMA is less mysterious. That doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. In any case, you can get your testing kit from reliable vendors like fantasy shrooms, a notable dispensary where you can buy shrooms in Canada.

Scientists are constantly researching MDMA’s effects on the brain. Our current thinking is that MDMA may enhance social connection. The substance is a social stimulant that alters neurotransmitters and hormones unexpectedly.

MDMA interacts with the receptors for serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. Focus and attention are linked to dopamine and norepinephrine. The latter is involved in both pleasure and pain, while the former is involved in both.

The psychoactive’s hormonal effects are perhaps even more instructive. MDMA causes spikes in cortisol, prolactin, DHEA, oxytocin, and vasopressin. When a mother breastfeeds her child, prolactin and oxytocin are abundant. Oxytocin is known as “the love hormone” and is essential for human bonding. Vasopressin is a hormone that affects male attachment and monogamy. DHEA may play a role in the euphoria associated with the drug, say, researchers. Meanwhile, cortisol, like norepinephrine, is a stress-inducing hormone.

MDMA may be effective as a PTSD treatment because it helps patients revisit terrible experiences with compassion. Instead of increasing amygdala activity while decreasing prefrontal cortex activity (where rational thought occurs), MDMA does the opposite. It reduces amygdala activity while increasing prefrontal cortex activity (where analytical thinking occurs). MDMA also improves hippocampus-amygdala connectivity, allowing memories to be stored longer, which is helpful for PTSD patients who often experience traumatic memories as if they are still present.

How is Molly?

Entactogen Molly To produce touching within is coined by pharmacologist David Nichols. Intense emotional responses and connections can be evoked by MDMA without visual hallucinations. Its effects are distinct from other stimulants and psychedelics. But shrooms offer you a closely similar experience, and you can buy shrooms online in Canada if you are up for a bit of comparison. The effects of MDMA vary depending on the individual’s sensitivity to the drug. It isn’t the only effect of molly. MDMA may:

  • Sensational
  • Excitability
  • Jaw, muscle, etc. tension
  • Sleep deprivation or disdain
  • Talkativeness
  • Arousal

What Is Molly?

MDMA’s dynamic effects last 3–5 hours, and it peaks after 1–1.5 hours. While the experience is brief, the molly aftereffects can last a week. These effects can linger for seven days may worsen if mixed with other drugs. MOLLY CAN CAUSE AN EMOTION It is a direct precursor to serotonin in the brain and relieves symptoms of depression. To avoid serotonin syndrome, take 5-HTP only after rolling (a condition we discuss later in this story).

An MDMA Dose

MDMA comes in pressed pills, powder, or crystal form, just like shrooms. However, it has an average dose of 85-125 milligrams. Because MDMA is illegal, users can’t tell how much they’re taking. Illegal MDMA is rarely pure. With psychedelics, you know the exact dose you are taking. Shrooms are legal in the US, Canada, and a few countries to buy shrooms in Canada. Methylone or methamphetamine is often mislabeled as MDMA (methylone) or cut with other drugs.


MDMA has a dark side. Molly has a variety of side effects when used recreationally. Some of these side effects may be physiological. Not knowing safe use, your activities and environment at the time, or what MDMA is mixed with are all factors.

In addition to heatstroke, recreational MDMA use may cause severe muscle and kidney damage. Ecstasy can harm the liver and heart. Is it drug-interactive? Molly can leave users drained, emotional, and tired the next day. So, use caution, test your sample, and don’t mix MDMA with other drugs, including alcohol.


MDMA raises body temperature, causing heatstroke or hyperthermia, which can cause muscle damage and electrolyte imbalance. Heatstroke can occur from hot clubs or hot days. Keeping calm, drinking water, and resting can help molly’s body temperature rise. But, of course, the risk remains.

MDMA Heart Effects

Molly causes heart failure, which can be fatal. MDMA stimulates. Molly shares some cardiovascular side effects with Adderall and methamphetamine. Hypertensive patients or those with cardiac conditions should avoid molly. MDMA can cause cardiovascular problems in people who have never had heart problems. Environmental factors can influence the risks of MDMA (dancing for hours at a rave, without inhibitions. It could lead to disaster, whereas in relaxed environments, the cardiovascular risk is lower).


Recent research suggests that ecstasy may increase the risk of serotonin syndrome. Too much serotonin causes shivering and tremors. Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome may include drowsiness.

Molly has dangerous side effects when combined with certain drugs. Drugs like cocaine and MAOIs (like antidepressants) can cause serotonin syndrome. A disputed and complex link exists between MDMA and other antidepressants. Recent research suggests mixing MDMA with antidepressants may reduce their efficacy.

Toxic Water

After molly, water poisoning is the leading cause of hospitalization and death. MDMA may also help retain water. To counteract the drug’s effects on body temperature, users may overhydrate. Water intoxication can cause seizures, coma, and death. Taking in more water than the body can properly eliminate. Excess moisture can cause fatal electrolyte imbalances. The nervous system needs electrolytes.


Water is often required of MDMA users. Why? Your heart rate, sweating, and temperature rise. Diarrhea and vomiting Dehydration makes people thirsty and craves liquids. Dehydration can cause dizziness, confusion, and hospitalization.

MDMA Safety

MDMA is risky. Nobody knows if street molly is pure, appropriately dosed, and free of contaminants. Also, everyone’s social reactions vary. MDMA can cause minor visual hallucinations, sweating, and rapid heartbeats in some users.

Molly’s risks are hard to mitigate. Shrooms have lower risk; their risk can also be contained and managed. You can buy shrooms in Canada. Before taking Molly, you can do a few things until the MDMA is safe to use. Some general rolling safety advice:

Choose a Friend

Choose a trustworthy travel companion or sitter. If something goes wrong, contact this person. Discuss your boundaries before taking MDMA. When should a friend intervene if they fear your safety? Who is your non-emergency contact?

Begin gradually.

All psychoactive drugs follow the “start low, go slow” rule. Also, remember that buying illegal drugs means you never know what you’ll get—possibly MDMA, methamphetamine, synthetic cathinones, or other medicines. Unknown substances can cause an overdose.


Keep Gatorade or Pedialyte on hand. Adding electrolyte powder to water helps. Stay hydrated on water and electrolyte while high on MDMA. However, consuming too much water too quickly can cause fatal water poisoning. Staying hydrated is a common way to prepare for molly. Water intake is explained here.

Keep Calm

It’s normal to get hot and sweaty while dancing or exercising. But keep in mind that molly can cause heatstroke. MDMA, as previously stated, raises body temperature. So, while drunk, drink water or electrolyte drinks frequently to stay hydrated.

Overdosing on Ecstasy

The Drug Policy Alliance calls MDMA overdoses “extremely rare.” Constraints like MAOI antidepressants, preexisting health conditions, overexertion, or dehydration make MDMA use riskier. In either case, knowing the symptoms of MDMA complications can save a life. Overdosing on MDMA usually causes:

  • Confused and mute
  • nauseous
  • pounding heart rigidity
  • Fainting\Convulsions

It could be more severe than it appears. If you know someone or yourself has any of these symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately.


As much as molly looks good, it has a few risks attached. It doesn’t make it a no-go area; you can navigate through all the risks and come out unstuck with the right guide and precaution. Do you want to buy Molly?

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4 Proven Ways to Intensify your Magic Mushroom Trip

Mushrooms have been in existence in human society since approximately 6000 years ago or maybe more. For a while, many assumed it was just a natural weed around. Though as people began to graze and look for food to eat, they explored mushrooms as food. However, later they began to discover the enormous importance of this said fungi. They didn’t know Mushrooms are psychoactive fungi when consumed can cause a transformative effect in their lives. The Psychoactive substance of any shrooms even when you buy shrooms online is psilocybin.

Many have come to love magic mushrooms as a psychedelic substance and they have been inventing amazing new and ingenious ways to consume and enjoy shrooms. Some people are even dedicated to researching and providing different resources on how to consume and enjoy magic mushrooms.  We have many suggestions, myths and personal stories of people about how they consume shrooms and heighten the effects of psilocybin in the body. They devised ways to improve the ways to go on incredible trips. However, despite the abundance of these resources, I will be telling you four confirmed ways you can go on incredible psilocybin trips.

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1. Consume a Higher Dose of Shrooms

There is a thing known as mushroom tolerance. This is when your body is transformed due to a regular intake of shrooms. Such that the normal intake that should make you feel the intake of psilocybin substance in shrooms is no longer enough. They have to consume more shrooms than normal to get the desired effects they want in their bodies. This means for an optimized psilocybin trip, to enjoy an intensified one they have to increase their dosages. However, this must be done with wisdom. So that it will not cause side effects such as profuse sweating, paranoia, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea and worse of it coma (truth is no one has died from excess shrooms intake). You should know yourself and take the appropriate dose. Don’t overdo it. Be careful how you do that. Then you can also avoid solo trips when you see you feel mushroom tolerance in your body. You can also refrain from taking mushrooms for a certain while and then start taking them in microdoses.

2. The Mixture of Shrooms and Cannabis

From our observations of people who buy shrooms in Canada, we found out that consumers of mushrooms are natural explorers. They look for ingenious ways to enjoy mushrooms. Their ingenuity has led them to find out what the combination of the psilocybin substance in magic mushrooms together with other drugs or psychedelic materials can do. One such combination that gains much ground is the intake of shrooms and cannabis together. This is like heaven for some of them as it is just the perfect blend their bodies need. Most of them take cannabis before the shrooms while others take it after the shrooms. Whichever way they do it, it is just the right kick for them.

The intake of shrooms, even shrooms online you bought, can sometimes make you nauseous and cause continual vomiting. Especially when you take more than you should. But consumption of cannabis following the shrooms is that it will avert the side effects such as being nauseous and vomiting. This is because cannabis contains strong antiemetic properties that can resist the side effects and make your trips enjoyable. Then Cannabis will make the consumer have the appropriate paradigm (a focus or the right frame of mind), and restrain any inhibitions that may cause embarrassment during your psychedelic journey.

Also taking cannabis together with shrooms elongate the psychedelic trips significantly. A trip that is for 6-8 hours, will be longer when you take cannabis during the 5th or 6th hour. One hit of cannabis prolongs mind focus, the euphoria and visuals within the trip.

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3. Add some Citrus to the mix

Another amazing way to enjoy shrooms is when you mix them with citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and oranges. This is a hack people have come to discover for a long time now. They discover how it can make shroom trips more enjoyable and intensify the effects. Among shroom psychonauts, people who buy shrooms in Canada, lemon tekking is the norm and popularly used. Researchers and scientists who have dedicated time to studying shrooms shed light on how citrus fruits can catalyze and fasten the breakdown of psilocybin in the body.

4. Psychedelic Playlist

The evocative power of music can not be overemphasized at all as it can trigger just the right emotions you desire. Just picking the right playlist will do the trick. Many consumers who understand this now play trippy music during their psychedelic journey to intensify their journeys. It unlocks things in you that open you up to another world. Out of the abundance of playlists available online, you can pick the right songs to achieve that state of calm, peace and tranquility.

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How You Sober Up From Mushroom Trip

It is a norm to desire a particular type of state we would love to be in. We want to feel extra and be in a balanced state where our senses are alerted and heightened to see sounds others can’t, hear colors others can’t, have epiphanies, touch certain things in the paranormal world and feel euphoria. Many hallucinogenic substances such as cannabis, opioids, tobacco, and alcohol may give these feelings but may have more negative effects. That is why opting for magic mushrooms for your psychedelic trips is the best. This is because of many reasons. It doesn’t have negative effects like other psychedelic substances. The psychoactive constituent in magic mushrooms is psilocybin. It has so many abounding health benefits one cannot overemphasize. The unearthing of the substance psilocybin in fungi has caused a rattling revolution in time as it has opened the gate to notable mental breakthroughs. With each psychedelic mushroom trip, one can dismiss anxiety and depression and one can get to the state one craves for.

Several types of research are still being done on what psilocybin accurately does in the body. More and more scientists are beaming their research light on the works of the psychoactive substance in the body. It might interest you that they have found a lot of things. They have discovered how it can cause paradigm shifts and increase our mental capacities and how it can be used in psychotherapy.

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When you buy shrooms Canada online and consume them, the psilocybin in the shrooms goes straight to your neural networks in your brain to intermingle and causes notable effects on your serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in memory, sleep, and depression. The prefrontal cortex in your brain is also affected. The prefrontal cortex helps improve thought analysis, it also regulates abstract thinking, helps to improve mood, and heightens perception.

The thing with depression, anxiety, and other blur emotions is that they make you feel locked in a dark room and create different dark neural pathways that make you feel hemmed in a dark spot. But the psilocybin in the shrooms in fact stimulates brain cell generation, thereby causing newer connections and newer pathways to give the brain fresh and constructive positive memories which help to eradicate negative emotions trapped in your brain.

The intake of shrooms with psilocybin constituents in it is that it can also cause dilation of pupils, can upsurge the levels of serotonin, can make you experience a distorted sense of time, and make you experience epiphanies that are out of this world.

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How Long Does A Normal Trip Last?

When you buy shrooms online to take them, a trip should last no more than 6 hours. Well, it is dependent on the type of psychedelic mushrooms, how trippy they are, and the dosage you took. If you take 5 mg (that is 0.8g of dried magic mushrooms) the trip should be for just about 6 hours of psilocybin. But if you take more than the normal milligram which is between 5 and 15mg (which is 0.8g to 2.4g of dried shrooms) the trip may be elongated to 7 hours and above. The time of the trip will last longer than expected.

How to Sober Up

After going on a psychedelic trip it is important that one sober up and on time. And the way to do that is to speed up the metabolic processes in the body. Doing this will make the drug work effectively and faster in your body. Do active tasks such as going on long walks or exercising or you can jog. The use of Glucuronidation has been found to aid the metabolism of psilocybin found in shrooms. When Glucuronidation is combined with other foods and nutrients such as curcumin, resveratrol, omega-3 fatty acids, milk thistle, magnesium, grape seed extract, apples, hawthorn, and kale. Taking these will help to fasten the metabolism of psilocybin during your trips to prevent bad trips.

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Another means that can be used when your trips go wrong is called “the Trip Stopper 3000.” It is a white pill with maltodextrin in it to prevent cases of a bad trip. You can also add dark pills containing valerian, for you to come down smoothly. These pills should be pills you should always have with you even before going on your trips.

The need of using a professional medical is important as they know really well about managing the situation and can help you and advise you on how to have safe trips. Though there has never been a record of death from consuming psilocybin. But the competent professionals can supervise your trips and also give you a drug called benzodiazepines to lessen the intensity of the high from a psychedelic trip. This will slow down or reduce the effects of the psilocybin in shrooms online and prevent gone-wrong-trips and prevent shrooms hangovers. You can buy shrooms in Canada online for a perfect trip.


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Three easy ways to make magic Mushroom chocolate

Magic mushrooms and chocolate are the perfect natural Combo.

For many years now, chocolate and magic mushrooms have formed a bond that seems to be unbreakable. Shrooms with chocolate is a dream combo, classic and enjoyable. Some believe that chocolate’s bold and luxurious flavour resembles being in love. At the same time, the magic mushroom brings about the spark.

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It is important to note that the goal is about consuming just the right dose of magic mushrooms rather than consuming chocolate for all of these chocolate recipes. So when you want to make your shrooms chocolate, you should use one regular raw dose of shrooms for every portion to be consumed. If you are sharing with someone, you can use two doses and ensure it is distributed evenly. This means half a bar of the chocolate will contain one dose, and the other will carry the equal measure. If you are not sure of the right dose for you, check our blog site at Fantasy shrooms for educational content, and you can also shroom in Canada from us.

Three simple and precise recipes

1. Quick and Easy Shrooms Chocolate

Initiation stage, ensure you have all of these ready:

Completely dried magic mushrooms

Chocolate bars, gotten from a store

A sizeable saucepan

Neat bowl (preferably glass)

Clean kitchen knife

A spatula (rubber better)

Chocolate moulds

How to make:

Makes sure the shrooms you are using are completely dried. Use your clean knife to chop the shrooms into tiny pieces; if your knife is not sharp, ensure you sharpen it before using it. Pick your chocolate bars, break them and put them inside your bowl; make sure your bowl is glass. Make a bain-marie by putting your bowl of broken chocolate bars into a saucepan with water. Boil the water until the chocolate melts completely. Give the melted chocolate a few minutes to cool a little. Add your chopped dried mushrooms to the appropriate dose. Then stir and ensure the mushroom is dispersed evenly in the chocolate. Pour your mixture into a chocolate mould using your spatula, then refrigerate. Once it’s done, you have your shrooms chocolate. (Click here) to buy your top-quality shrooms in Canada

2. Making your shrooms chocolate from scratch

Initiation stage, ensure you have all of these ready:

Completely dried magic mushrooms

Cocoa powder (like 2 cups)

Unsalted cup of butter (¾)

Sugar (½ cup)

Powdered sugar (like ¼ cup)

A teaspoon of salt (¼)

A clean, sharp knife

A sizeable saucepan

Bowls for mixing

A sieve

Spatula (rubber)

Chocolate moulds

How to make:

Chop your dried magic mushrooms into tiny pieces

In your saucepan, simmer a cup of water (the quantity of the water determine the viscosity)

Mix your butter and cocoa powder until it turns to paste.

Add the paste to hot water and allow the water to simmer.

Once you have simmered, make sure to take out the paste mix from the hot water and put it in a bowl

Make sure the salt and sugar are sifted using a sieve

Mix the sieve salt and sugar with the butter and cocoa paste.

When all is set, you can add your chopped dried shrooms and ensure they are evenly mixed.

Pour the chocolate inside the mould and refrigerate them to set.

When that is done, you can enjoy your chocolate and the trip it brings.

  • Shrooms Hot Chocolate

Initiation stage, ensure you have all of these ready:

Completely dried Magic mushroom

Cups of sugar (3 ½ )

Cups of cocoa (2 ¼)

A tablespoon of salt

Whole milk preserving (1 cup)

A clean, sharp knife

An air-sealed container

A mixing bowl

How to make:

Chop your dried shrooms into fine tiny pieces

In your mixing bowl, add the salt and sugar to your cocoa

Pour your fine tiny chopped mushroom into the mix and stir evenly and consistently.

After mixing, turn it into an air-sealed container as your hot chocolate mix

Your cup of milk, microwave it until its hot, but don’t allow it to boil or curdle,

Stir in two tablespoons of your mix and enjoy your hot chocolate

Cacao, Aztecs, and Magic Mushrooms

This piece will not feel complete if we fail to mention the people of Aztec, most especially after stating these chocolate recipes. “Food of the gods” is how the Aztec people referred to Cacao, a foundational ingredient in chocolate. Cacao is said to have elevating properties, but when mixed with shrooms, it is on another level; the feeling is heavenly. You can buy shrooms online from fantasy shrooms, mix them with your Cacao, and experience this divine feeling personally. The Aztecs are the originators of the recipes above. They did mix cocoa and psychedelic mushrooms before their modern-day modification.

There is a good feeling always attached to chocolate. This feel-good aura creates a feeling resembling the feeling of being in love. Most grocery store chocolate tastes good, but all the elevating elements have been processed so that it won’t have any effect. We recommend buying some whole cacao beans, preferably with their skin intact; you enjoy the full cacao beans experience. You can get them at most ecological stores. If you need the right shroom to go with it, you can buy shrooms in Canada online at fantasy shrooms.


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Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs.

Magic mushrooms are an amazing drug that helps work magic in your body. It has a naturally occurring alkaloid called psilocybin. When this substance is ingested,  the body breaks them down to psilocin. This psilocin leads to heightened serotonin levels as the psilocin affects serotonin signalling in the brain. These heightened serotonin levels claim responsibility for the trips or psychoactive effects produced by the psilocin.

A regular dose of psilocin in the human system leads to some hallucinogenic effects, which slightly change visual perception; one would experience colourful brightness of geometric patterns. New ideas and creative perceptions are common experiences one has during a magic mushroom trip. It can also lead to openness and connection to the environment. At the same time, one may also experience astonishment in people, environment, and experiences. Also, some effects common with the magic mushroom trip are that it alters perception, introspection, emotional intensity, and time loss.

It is important to factor in perspective regarding the effects of a magic mushroom trip. The trip may be unpleasant, which is very rare. Still, it is crucial to note that it comes with many positive results since the experience is for a brief moment. When you factor in that, your tripping experience will not be negative; rather, you go through it positively.

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The safest way to travel

It is becoming more evident than ever that magic mushrooms are the best and safest route to go when you think of recreational drugs. You can buy shrooms online in Canada at Fantasy shrooms. Magic mushrooms are getting famous, and it is refreshing to see that they are gaining the recognition it deserves. It is a case of psychological addiction for some but not physical addiction.

Magic mushroom is the safest way to go on a psychedelic trip. They are non-addictive, and they are not toxic. Judging by these two standards, it is evident that psilocybin is one of if not the safest substances you can consume for recreational purposes. Precisely, physical and psychological dependence on this substance is potentially low, chronic toxicity is very low, acute toxicity is low, and the risk to public health is also low. From statistics, magic mushroom use-related criminal activity is negligible.

The former chief drug advisor to the UK government listed a series of drugs based on their potential to cause harm to society and individuals. The magic mushroom was ranked the lowest in terms of risk and harm posed to individuals and the immediate society from the ranking.

Knowing the exact amount of magic mushroom that will affect you is difficult, especially if you are a first-timer. Still, not to worry, there are measures in place you can adopt to have a pleasant experience. At Fantasy shrooms, we have all the guides you need to know the exact dose that works for you, and you can buy shrooms in Canada from our online dispensary.

Positive effects of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can produce desirable effects when taken responsibly. This is more true if you know just the right dose that works for you. For the perfect dose to enjoy the positive effects of magic mushrooms, you can buy shrooms online in Canada from fantasy shrooms.

Apart from the pleasure that comes with it, there are benefits associated with ingesting magic mushrooms. People looking to win the battle over unhealthy habits and addictions, or those hoping to boost immunity, heighten their level of connectivity in the brain, reduce cholesterol levels, or tackle ageing using antioxidants, and reap the benefits from Vitamins B, D, and K, they are enjoying all these wellness and health benefits in magic mushrooms too. You can buy Shrooms in Canada to enjoy all of these benefits.

Spiritual and Pleasurable Effects:

You enjoy the extremely pleasurable effects of magic mushrooms when you can get just the right dose that works for you. Recently, many people have been turning to microdosing. Many have noticed that little psilocybin administered regularly can curb anxiety and boost mood. If a person prepares properly, they can take higher doses and experience a euphoric level of enlightenment, translating to overwhelming joy.

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Many use the magic mushroom to kick-start breakthroughs in certain areas of their life. Taking shrooms in reasonable amounts gives people the room to experience spiritual growth; they also dare to overcome ego-related problems. Buy your shrooms in Canada from us as we offer the best microdoses and other shrooms products.

The growing possibilities

Due to its effect on mood, further studies are being carried out on psilocybin. To know the exact process this substance undergoes has prompted further studies on test subjects, (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and different emotional stimuli. There is growing anticipation from the researchers that the study will reveal exactly why and how psilocybin is effective.

Further studies show the possibility of psilocybin in handling the Compulsive use of substances like alcohol and tobacco. It is a possibility that this happens due to psilocybin bringing changes in the brain’s plasticity (the brain’s ability to create new or alternate links between multiple areas in the brain), which is responsible for modifications in mood attitude, and behaviour.

Since further studies need to be conducted to learn more about the benefits of magic mushrooms, from the result of existing studies, magic mushrooms tend to treat mental health conditions and help recover damaged tissues or neurons. 


Fantasy shrooms are Canada’s #1 Online Shrooms Mail Order Dispensary. Our customers are our Top priority, so we are dedicated to giving you the best. We offer the best quality microdoses of magic mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada. You can buy shrooms online at Fantasy shrooms. When you shop with us, you get to enjoy- 22% Off all your goods from a minimum of $150 using 2022WELCOME as your promo code. You can shop with us here at Fantasy shrooms.

Try Blue Honey Magic Mushrooms

“Blue Honey” is not about the colour; it’s the term itself. “Blue honey” is one of the few popular recipes you can adopt to create ways to store and enjoy your magic mushroom. The recipe is in the name, you need honey to make this, and for vegans, you use agave. The honey is not for safe storage of your magic mushroom alone, but it gives you another taste angle when you consume them. Usually, the taste of shrooms is not always pleasant for many, so this “blue honey” recipe is a truly reliable, tasty, and lasting solution to this problem.

The idea is to pour your honey over your shrooms and store them safely for a couple of months. The mushroom compounds eventually interact and get infused into the honey. When this happens, the honey turns blue, which accounts for the term “blue honey.”

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How to make Blue Honey

What you need:

  • Liquid honey:  It should be flowing, not solid or thick; the viscosity should be very low.
  • Completely dried magic mushroom: You don’t want your honey to ferment and degrade, so you need thoroughly dried mushrooms to eliminate that possibility.
  • A clean, sharp knife: You don’t want to contaminate your product, so you will want to use a very clean knife. Chop your mushrooms into fine tiny pieces.
  • A coffee grinder: If you have one, nothing beats this. You can use the grinder instead of the knife; that way, you can maximize your “magic mushroom  surface area to honey ratio.”
  • A mixing bowl (optional): If you prefer to mix your mushroom and honey rather than pour it over, you will need the bowl.
  • An airtight jar (glass preferably): You use this container to store your final mixture.

How to make:

  • Chop or grind your magic mushroom into very fine tiny pieces
  • Inside your jar, make a layer of mushrooms, then pour some of your honey over it. Make another mushroom layer and overlay it with some honey. Then you keep repeating this process until the jar is full to your taste. The level of potency you desire to have will determine your ratio of shrooms to honey. Make sure you don’t heat your honey, let it be flowing and not thick. If you find this method a little tasking or tricky, you can mix your mushroom and honey in a different bowl. When properly mixed, you then pour it into your jar. This second method guarantees a fully mixed mushroom and honey, not a layered mix. This all depends on the individual you choose, the one you like. Exploring both methods wouldn’t be a crime either.
  • The next stage is the main stage, waiting. Ensure that your jar is airtight, then store it away somewhere dry, cool, and dark. Leave it there for anywhere between 2 to 4 months. The longer you leave it, the better it will be; the psilocybin will have the chance to infuse well into the honey, and it will turn blue. Patience is the key, so be patient.
  • When you want to enjoy your product, caution is required. Since there was no specific measurement to begin with, you cant be certain of the potency, and if you carried out the process well, the product is sure to be potent. Try a full teaspoon first, relax for a bit and see what happens next before you proceed.

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Naturally Preserved

For many centuries, honey has served as a form of natural preservative. So the blue honey process makes sense. And for vegans, agave has similarities with honey and works in the same manner. It will keep and give the same result as honey would. Once you follow through with storing it in a cool, dry, and dark place, you will reap the benefits. 

High sugar, which forms monosaccharides, glucose, and fructose, can prevent contamination by removing water from bacteria and yeast cells. The osmotic process removes water from the mixture and protects it. Once the mixture is sealed airtight, it can never go bad. It can last for a very long time, which bodes well for this method, as you can use it to store your magic mushrooms. You can buy shrooms in Canada from us at fantasy shrooms.

What’s Blue Honey’s shelf life?

If you are sure you used thoroughly dried shrooms when making your mix, you followed the process diligently, and then you store in a cool, dark, and dry place, then your mixture can last forever. That said, periodically make sure the taste is still in order. When you check on your mixture, ensure you seal the jar airtight to prevent spoilage. You can buy your dried shrooms online at fantasy shrooms.


Fantasy shrooms are Canada’s #1 Online Shrooms Mail Order Dispensary. Our customers are our Top priority, so we are dedicated to giving you the best. We offer the best quality microdoses of magic mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada. You can buy shrooms in Canada online at Fantasy shrooms. When you shop with us, you get to enjoy -22% Off all your goods from a minimum of $150 using 2022WELCOME as your promo code. We’ve made it easy for you to navigate your way through our chatbot, available 24/7 all day long. You can shop with us and buy shrooms online here at Fantasy shrooms.

What is Magic Mushroom Tolerance?

Canada is popularly known as one of the homes of Magic Mushrooms you will find in abundance magic mushrooms and you find more people buy shrooms online and consume them in Canada. This is because they learned on time the positive effects of shrooms while many people have failed to realize it. They know how Magic Mushrooms can cause amazing spiritual awakening, different epiphanies, and visible advantages physically and many emotional benefits when used.

Magic Mushrooms are causing amazing breakthroughs in therapy. Shrooms have abundant therapeutic benefits. Some therapists have seen their advantages and have begun to use them even in more controlled ways to solve their patients’ ailments. With more awareness of what Magic mushroom is, we have seen more scientists and researchers doing different scientific research and have both anecdotes and many scientific research findings that show the different incredible things Magic Mushrooms can do. For instance, Taking Magic mushrooms even in microdoses can help people suffering from depression, even bipolar by alleviating their depression; it can also help people with anxiety problems by calming them; it can also help people with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a disorder characterized by failure to recover or forget terrifying events they have gone through by taking them through the process that make them not to be easily triggered by whatever traumas they are trying to forget; it can also help people suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), that is obsessive thoughts or repetitive behaviors by breaking the cycle, and it can also help people with neural damage by causing a reconnection.

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Many people also buy Shrooms in Canada to squash distractions as Magic Mushrooms help to improve their focus, and to be productive we people also use them to enhance their productivity to produce more results. Creativity is fluid. When you force it, the fluidity characteristic is lost. Magic mushrooms help by sparking creative thoughts like flashing bulbs. It helps you make different connections that help one bring creative thoughts and ideas. When you buy shrooms online and consume them it causes ego death and tends to cause paradigm shifts that help to change your point of view and change of perception and indefinitely your personality. It gives you an unfettered mind that makes you make room for ideas and perception.

Yes! Magic mushrooms have great benefits but one must be careful how they use them or go on trips. It should be seldom consumed and only when it is needed as it is not a daily diet to consume daily or as many times in a week. Its effects on consumers are strong as they have long-lasting effects on them. As I stated earlier many types of research are being done on shrooms by scientists and researchers and it has been discovered that even a single megadose does a lot of things in the consumer’s body. Its effects are long-lasting even after one month of taking them and sometimes over a year. The effects are still so remarkable when Magic Mushrooms are taken in microdoses. Yes, there are many benefits to be gained, most especially therapeutic benefits whenever you take ten or twenty percent two or three times a week. It can induce trips that bring calmness to the consumer. And consumers can take more than they need. This is why we must ask the question: if magic mushrooms are consumed ‘always’ what will happen to the consumer? Does the consumer develop a tolerance for magic mushrooms?

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What is Shroom Tolerance?

The axiom that too much of everything or anything may be bad still stands. Because when an individual consumes Magic mushrooms regularly shroom tolerance sets in. That is the normal dose that will bring the needed effect we need in our body is not enough. That is the body inherently becomes resilient to the effect of the dose of shrooms taken in. This makes consumers take higher doses to feel the effect of magic mushrooms they would ordinarily feel if they had taken a much lower dose.

Magic Mushrooms are safe drugs to use. Although the use of shrooms was banned at some point, with many researchers working on it, more light has been shed on it. Magic mushrooms are safer than other drugs like opioids, cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol. Shrooms do not have the same exact negative effects opioids, cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol have on their consumers. Because of the controlled measures put in place for the consumption of mushrooms, even buying shrooms online, there are low chances of abuse and misuse. It is hard for consumers to be addicted to Magic mushrooms. But with shrooms tolerance, the consumer has to take in more magic mushrooms in their psychedelic journey to get to the spot they desire. But with an increase in the dosage taken, there might be unfavorable effects such as overdose, which can cause diarrhea, paranoia, seizures, nausea, vomiting, make the consumer uncontrollably sweat, and sometimes lead to psychosis.

This now begs the question, how should we solve the issue of magic mushroom tolerance? The best way to do reverse shroom tolerance is not to upsurge the dosage, which may further intensify the tolerance to shrooms. The appropriate thing that should be done is to put away shrooms for a certain while and don’t consume them. But this too can also lead to the consumer overconsuming the shrooms if one is not wary. So it is wise that one starts by taking magic shrooms in microdoses to even prevent abuse.

So when you buy shrooms Canada and see that your body begins to have magic mushroom tolerance don’t take higher doses to get the effects you got before. The best thing to do is to put shrooms in for a while and then consume them in low doses.

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To buy shrooms in Canada that will help enable you to maneuver mushrooms tolerance so that you feel the effects of psilocybin, Fantasy Shrooms is the go-to place. Fantasy Shrooms is the brainchild of two sisters who understand the incredible power and benefits of magic mushrooms to people and devise ways to make them accessible to them. We are proud to say we sell the best shrooms online with potent psilocybin in Canada. And we are committed to serving our customers right. Fantasy shrooms products include magic mushrooms, microdoses, cannabis, teas, and edibles. We make these products available for you and they are cost-efficient.  Register to become a member of Fantasy Shrooms member so that we keep you up with the latest update on magic mushrooms around the globe. Buy shrooms online at

20 Quick Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Since time immemorial, people have used their imaginations to generate new ideas. There is no doubt that these ideas came to life through creative thought.

Creativeness is a concept that you can’t be done with. It is a wide skill set that cuts across all fields and disciplines. It is needed for day to day decisions. Creating solutions to a problem needs to be done with an open mind because there are always problems around us, and they will continue to exist.

However, we all have creativity embedded in us from birth; all we have to do is develop it. Generally, we all look inward and find suitable solutions to the problems around us, which mostly comes from our imaginations.

The device you’re using to read this content was designed creatively to solve communication problems and more. It was someone’s implemented imagination that resulted in everything around you.

You also can use your imagination to create the next big product. Thus, among other things, you need to invest time and effort to cultivate your creative abilities if you want to improve them.

More so, when you are creatively stuck, new ideas aren’t flowing. There are things you need to observe to improve your creativity. Reading the tips in this article will reveal a lot about how to improve your creative proficiency. Here are 20 great creative ideas to boost your creativity.

Practice every day:

Constant practice is an effective way to improve your skills. It may not be easy, but you must put in your best. “Practice makes perfect,” they said.

Constant practice is the only way to validate your imagination and reveal errors and solutions. Hence, it’s a means of testing your idea.

The only way to improve is to make mistakes, and there is no easier way to do so than to practice. It won’t be perfect, but it will show you exactly where your weaknesses are. And it will help you to work on them.

Listen to new types of music:

Examine the depths of various genres to see what appeals to you. If it doesn’t move you, stop listening to it. Anything that will distract or deplete your creative energy should be avoided.

It has been demonstrated that listening to classical music, in particular, improves cognitive performance. Listening to various music exposes you to new ideas and perspectives on the world around you.

Music energizes you and allows you to think broadly, which will almost certainly result in the generation of new ideas. Remove anything interfering with your creative process and instead focus on yourself. It is critical to keep your mind open for new ideas to come to you.

Always take note of the new idea:

Going around with a paper and a biro dedicated to taking creative ideas is one of the most important things you can do. You can use this to note down any ideas that come to you.

The problem isn’t always a lack of ideas but rather a lack of proper documentation. They were bad ideas, not because the people who conceived these ideas forgot about them.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts is a fundamental skill you should learn. It will help you keep all your creative ideas documented. In contrast, an audio recorder can assist you in keeping a record of your thoughts even faster and more effectively.

Be willing to fail:

There is a need for creative ideas to go through the process. You must test those ideas and be willing to fail during this process, knowing that failure is part of the process.

Don’t be afraid of failure; it only helps us better understand the ideas that lead to long-term success. Accept failure, learn from your mistakes, and try again.

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Take a break from work, replenish yourself and improve your creativity. Rest refreshes the mind (brain), which is the central processor unit of humans and the centre for creativity.

You can go on a monthly leave or just periodical rest. It would be best to create a life-transforming idea because the brain processes information faster during rest.

Creativity is always available to you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Resting when playing classical music (the synergistic effect) can launch you into the realm of creativity.

Look at things differently:

The more you look into your ideas with a different lens, the better. You will be open to new and innovative aspects of your work.

Having a different point of view will help you improve your ability to think strategically and solve problems. So, if you are faced with a problem, see it as an opportunity to learn and create a new and better solution. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing and out of a rut.

Go outside:

Creativity and daily engagement are inextricably linked. Boredom, without a doubt, saps creativity. So, avoiding boredom by engaging in a functional and engaging activity improves the brain’s ability to function optimally.

Getting away from the monotony of daily activities allows you to connect with others and see things from a different perspective. When you meet new people, try new foods, and learn about a different way of life, you are inspired. And these will help you to be more creative.

Be social:

It is essential for creatives; you must be sociable. It is not so much about the quantity as it is about the quality. Find good friends with whom you can confide your ideas. Hang out with them and discuss ideas; this will help you see things clearly and clearly. They claimed that two heads are better than one.

Take a walk now and then:

Again, ideas are as plentiful as air. Creativity is not a far-fetched concept; it arises from our surroundings. A walk down the street is a source of new ideas.

So, taking a break from work and going for a walk down the street in the cool evening air is a great way to develop fantastic ideas and unique solutions.

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Enjoy yourself:

This point is equally important to enjoy the creative process. Always leave time for a break if the ideas aren’t flowing naturally again. Take some time off, listen to some music, and relax.

Creativity is meant to be enjoyed rather than endured. You will never enjoy the result if you do not enjoy the process of creation.

Try boosting your creativity with psilocybin microdose capsules:

Using psychedelics is one of the most effective ways to boost your creativity. Psychedelics influence your brain neurons and excite the brain to think creatively. It’s fine to use for creative purposes as long as you take a microdose. Undoubtedly, taking a psilocybin microdose pill may improve one’s ability to be creative.

Remember that ideas are everywhere:

Ideas, like air, are all around us. Don’t just go with the first thought that comes to mind. There are, of course, millions of creative ideas in the bank. Never abandon your quest to create something one-of-a-kind, and never abandon your efforts.

Be open to everything:

Allow new ideas to enter your mind without giving them a second thought. If you lose interest in an idea, give it more time to think about it. The more you try, the easier it will become.

Remember that you are not always right:

Always correct you, knowing that no one is an island of knowledge. Be willing to learn from others; go with it if another person’s idea is better than yours. You can improve on your original concept and create something even more incredible. Nothing kills creativity faster than believing you are the best and closing all doors to reviews.

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Meeting new people and engaging in functional conversation can boost your creativity. It might be difficult for some more introverted people because of their personalities, but getting out there and meeting new people is critical. They will most likely be glad to share their ideas with you. During your conversation, you can easily learn new things.

Be selfless:

Are you stuck for ideas? Render hands of help to others. For a moment, forget about yourself. Consider rendering solutions to others’ problems by using creativity. It will make you readjust to your creative state without pressure.

Have fun:

There are no restrictions to the flow of ideas. It can come to your mind anytime and anywhere; be ready. So, the next big idea that can flood your mind is having fun; playing snooker, video games or watching a movie. It’s normal, and it’s okay. It is why being with a notepad and pen is essential; you can easily write it down and focus on your fun.

Stay true to yourself:

It helps you to conserve your idea. You have the original idea in your mind, and you must protect the vision regardless of being open to others. Give room got their reviews, corrections and inputs but make sure it all aligns with the idea’s vision.

Bond with people of like mind:

Make friends with like minds, people with the same vision as you. Without a doubt, the people in your close circle have a way of shaping your mind, which in turn affects your creativity. Be amidst people that value, support and celebrate your ideas and little success.

Think outside the box:

It might isolate you, but don’t be afraid to look different. The best ideas are imaginations people never see coming. Come out of your cocoon and take a step farther than others. Remember, nothing good comes easy.

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