How Microdosing magic mushrooms can change your life

Magic mushrooms are known to have large effects on the mind and brain. In recent times, microdosing magic mushrooms have become widespread. More and more people keep testifying to the life-changing effects of magic mushrooms and this has made it become more accepted in various cities.

What does microdosing mean?
To microdose means to take a very little dose. In clearer terms, microdosing means taking very little and unnoticeable amounts of a psychedelic, like magic mushrooms. The logic behind this is that, since magic mushrooms are psychedelic substances and consuming them has a direct effect on the brain, taking very little doses will give the same effect without the ‘high’ effect that usually comes with it.
When you microdose magic mushrooms, the psilocybin that gives the trippy effect of magic mushrooms can function as nootropics. Nootropics are simply artificial or natural substances that may bring about a positive effect on mental skills. They are also commonly referred to as smart drugs. Nootropics enhance the performance of the brain and boost memory and cognitive abilities. There are several types of man-made and natural nootropics like Lion’s Mane, Creatine, Caffeine, or even prescription nootropics.
What does microdosing meanPsychedelic substances like the psilocybin in magic mushrooms are similar to serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that affects many things that we do, from processing information to giving emotions. It is one of the most important neurotransmitters to the brain. Psilocybin works similarly to serotonin and this makes the brain produce an effect like serotonin. The major effect that psilocybin has on the brain is that it stimulates a serotonin receptor called ‘5-HT2A’ that is located in the prefrontal cortex. When this receptor is stimulated, there are two major effects: the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor(BDNF) which enhances activity and growth is triggered and the transmission of the neurotransmitter responsible for cognition and memory, ‘Glutamate’, is increased.

Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms
There have been reports and testimonies of more energy, enhanced relational skills, increased creativity levels, and more focus caused by microdosing psilocybin on a regular basis. There is no gainsaying that when these effects are brought together, it can enhance job productivity and satisfaction. Also, it may help those that are not sure of their career by giving them explicit direction.
Additionally, microdosing psilocybin has been proven medically to clear cluster headaches which result in long periods of abatement. It can also reduce anxiety levels and mood disorders.
Due to the fact that magic mushrooms are seen as ‘holy babies’, they have a spiritual side to them. It enhances altruism and spiritual awareness generally.

When you microdose magic mushrooms at the right dosage, you are embracing all the positive life-changing effects while leaving out the embarrassing or unpleasant aspects out of your experience.
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Are you using shrooms for the first time? Quit worrying, this article will explain to you how microdosing can aid your cause.
Microdosing is when a user ingests a little number of psychedelic substances. It can be said that the purpose of Microdosing is to enjoy the good effects of psychedelic substances and not having a significant transformation in your mood or mind frame. With microdosing, you are not expected to experience the blunt force of an intense psychedelic effect.

What quantity should I microdose?
All users have different levels of tolerance so there is no standard amount for microdosing. But for dried stems, usually, the normal template for microdose is between 0.15-0.3 grams. But it is advisable to start microdosing with low grams, as time goes on you increase your dose little by little. For the sake of curiosity, you can take higher doses so you can get to know what works for you faster. A high dose of the dried stem is between 0.5-1.0 grams.

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How frequent should my microdosing be?
Based on research, Dr. Fardman suggests that it is better to microdose in the morning and at the interval of three days. That is because it will provide you energy when it is important even shrooms can interrupt your sleep. There are various schedules and nobody can accurately decide for you, you may need to try different schedules and find the one that works best for you. Prepare a schedule for microdosing every day from Monday to Friday and then, take a day off on weekends.

The best form of microdose?
How strong a magic mushroom will be cannot be predicted accurately. Capsules are stronger than the stems because they have more psilocybin in them. To tackle this inconsistency, the most potent way to microdose shrooms is in powdered form.

You must measure the powder before microdosing, for better accuracy electronic scales are most preferred.

There are many ways to microdose, there is no perfect option, it is all based on individual differences, what appeals to one may not appeal to another. Ways to take in microdoses include:
• Capsule
• Magic Mushroom Edibles
• Shrooms tea.

Microdosing doesn’t have to be boring, you can spice it up in different ways. Whether it comes in the form of tea, pills, edibles, there are multiple ways with which you can enjoy microdosing when you buy shrooms in Canada. If you don’t like the tea, edibles, or even the shroom capsules, you can opt for it in chocolate form and other shroom edibles, likewise these are the major shroom product categories. To get your healthy microdose, buy magic mushrooms online at Fantasy shrooms. We remain one of the most convenient stores to buy shrooms in Canada.

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The Future of edible magic mushrooms

The Future of edible magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms were originally prohibited in many countries of the world after it was discovered and studied by researchers. There was so much that was unknown about it and it was considered risky as the full extent of its effects were not well understood. Psilocybin, the active ingredient, was a strange thing and it seemed as if nothing good could ever come out of it. This point was somewhat proven when its wild hallucinogenic effects were observed.
Then, people were unable to see the bright side of things. True, it is a fundamental rule that everything has its own pros and cons. As time progressed, some researchers took a deep interest in shrooms which led to the conduction of tests on patients which unveiled other relevant functions of magic mushrooms to mental health.

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The Canadian government acted on the goodwill of the scientific results and declared the use of magic mushrooms legal in Canada August 2019. Though certain policies were put in place to ensure that it is not abused. It was approved the use of magic mushrooms for medical and scientific purposes. They further considered the use of this magical substance for patients with chronic anxiety. An agency was also established to regulate the buying and selling of magic mushrooms. Hence, the reason that people can Buy Shrooms in Canada without fear of being apprehended as long as they obey the law and buy from registered stores.

This decision by the Canadian government put quite the pressure on other countries. The United States of America has financed extensive research to discover how useful psychedelic substances will be to their health sector. The United States Food and Drugs Administration signed the “breakthrough therapy” which gives researchers the privilege to test the effects of the psilocybin on human subjects.

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Top 3 magic mushroom for starters

Top 3 magic mushroom for starters

It’s always a magical moment when you finally decide to try out shrooms. Problem is, you might not know where to start or what to look for. It is natural to feel confused about the numerous options available to you. Usually, most people just go straight up with the strains already used by someone they know. It will save you a whole lot of stress if you can know the strains most suitable for you. Fortunately, Fantasy Shrooms are a great place to buy shrooms online in Canada.

Below are three strains of magic mushrooms that are recommended for first-timers.

Wavy Z Magic Mushrooms

This amazing strain of shrooms, famous for its special wavy caps and lean stem. They are said to be indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Wavy Z is a member of the revered family of psilocybe cyanescens. It is not a regular but very strong substrate of psilocybin shroom than the more common cubensis diversity.

When taking Cyanescens for the first time, you need to be very cautious. Its effects are pretty strong and may cause hallucinations, distortion of reality, and loss of time. It is relatively potent and as such the quantity necessary to kickstart a trip is significantly less owing to the fact that the composite amount of active ingredient psilocybin is high.

Beginners are advised not to start with any dose higher than 0.3g – 1g of dose. More experienced users should still take caution and use 1-2 grams. Using in excess of this, there is a possibility of a torrid experience and the user may experience a deep hallucinatory effect.

Golden teacher magic mushroom

It’s one of the oldest existing strains of shrooms. A yellowish-gold shiny cap-like mushroom, golden teacher is a very classical strain and its effects improve the learning capability of users. So, the name is rightly earned.

The major active constituents of the Golden teacher shroom are psilocin and psilocybin. The Golden teacher shroom is a strain of psilocybe cubensis.

The species of the Golden teacher. Magic mushrooms are popular for their wide distribution and they are easy to grow in a home setting. They don’t require special conditions to grow.

The most interesting part about Golden teacher shrooms is that the psychedelic effect is gentle, which makes it the go to shroom for starters. More than just the trip, they are reputed for enhancing spiritual sensitivity. It opens up the mind to enlightenment.

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Brazilian magic mushroom

This is the ideal shroom for people who want to feel the psychedelic effect faster. It is the perfect starter shroom.  With light doses of this strain, you will feel the excitement coursing through your blood and your sensitivity is heightened with improved concentration. Taking higher doses of these can lead to deeper psychedelic effects that may be relevant for spiritual purposes.

It is recommended that you should start with a small dose of about 1-3 grams. Highly experienced users can take around 3-5 grams for full effect.

When you are ready to go on your first shroom trip, and you are considering the most suitable kind of magic mushrooms to use, you can always order for any of these three shrooms. To buy shrooms in Canada, Fantasy shrooms are a good place to start looking. You can buy magic shrooms online on our website.

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Why Taking Psychedelics While On Antidepressants Could Make Treatment Ineffective

Why Taking Psychedelics While On Antidepressants Could Make Treatment Ineffective

Just as cannabis legalization helped to reduce the suffering of people during the widespread AIDS. The same way medical professionals have found a way around solving the problem of depression and other mental health conditions, using the psilocybin content present in magical mushrooms.

For medical acceptance, shrooms have undergone various clinical trials. The presentation of psilocybin as a mild cure of PTSD and there is an evolving movement of individuals who also believed that LSD Micro-Dosing will boost their productivity and mood. As much as magic mushrooms are beneficial it poses a threat to the overall health of patients who are diagnosed with depression. The problem is not with shrooms themselves but the fact that most of these patients are on antidepressant medications. Though it is relatively easy to buy shrooms in Canada, every vendor knows that it may not be safe to use shrooms alongside other psychoactive drugs such as antidepressants.

However, there is comparative research on the effect of LSD, DMT, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, on users of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). It is possible that a large number of people that should benefit from Psychedelic -Assisted Psychotherapy may not be opportune because those patients might be past SSRIs users.

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Psychiatrists believe that we can’t cross that line until there is a proven answer to the question of whether it is suitable for psilocybin to be administered to patients on antidepressants. It sucks a lot to think that those who really need it are being deprived of it. Large data research reviewed how the potency of psychedelic-assisted therapy can be affected by the use of antidepressants.

The following shows the effects of antidepressant on a psychedelic – assisted treatments:

The effect of SSRIs on Magic Mushroom:

It has been affirmed that patients on SSRIs therapy will react coarsely to psilocybin. Dr. Holland suggested that any person with a previous record of using SSRIs could experience a potential inhibition of the effectiveness of the psychedelic-assisted treatment. However, not every doctor or psychiatrist subscribes to what Dr. Holland said. Some think it is possible that the potency of the SSRIs aren’t tampered with, regardless of the administration of psilocybin on the same patient. The John Hopkins researchers on the matter of psilocybin and SSRIs believed there is

no significant difference before and after the use of psilocybin.

The extensive studies on the effect of psilocybin on patients treating depression with antidepressants have not reached a finalized conclusion. Hence, it is still not recommended for patients on antidepressants to use magic mushrooms. This sets an eligibility standard for those that want to buy shrooms in Canada. Buy magic mushrooms online on Fantasy shrooms website and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere you are.

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Some have claimed that mixing drugs is a no go zone. There are stories of users who’ve experienced not just bad trips, but also stints in hospital, and in the worst case scenario – death. Those who are into poly-drug use say that mixing synthetics can be a problem, but it’s a different story when it comes to natural stuff like weed and magic mushrooms.  So who’s right? Let’s look at the individual effects of the two to get a better understanding of how they work together.


THC is the primary active compound of the cannabis plant. When it gets to the brain, it binds to cannabinoid receptors to create the high that users experience. The effects of cannabis have been variously described as stimulating, exhilarating, and relaxing depending on the strain you use. Strains are generally categorized into two types – sativas and indicas. Sativas are considered more stimulating, while indicas are more relaxing.

Cannabis affects your senses mainly through your visual perception, where colors appear brighter. Music will also sound more beautiful while the taste of food and aroma become more enjoyable.

As for your mood, cannabis makes you feel upbeat. You’ll get funny spur of the moment thoughts, although they may also be insightful and in some instances paranoid. Thoughts that are at first clear become clouded as lethargy seeps in.

Cannabis users also typically experience the munchies, drowsiness and an altered perception of time. They may also feel more sensual and a heightened libido.

Generally, the effects of smoking weed kick in after about 30 minutes, but the high lasts for 1 to 3 hours. However, if you take marijuana as food or drink it takes longer to hit you, but the high lasts for many more hours than smoking. 


 psilocybin – the active ingredient in  magic mushrooms – works by binding itself to receptors in your brain. In this case they are serotonin receptors responsible for the communication between nerve cells.

When you take shrooms, the first feeling is that of a pleasant energy coursing through your veins. Your entire psychological functioning is altered as you go through a transient state between being awake and sleep. You’ll feel an uplift in your mood, clarity in your thinking and a deeper level of introspection.

Once the full effects kick in, about an hour after ingesting psilocybin(mushrooms) you will start to go through changes of perception like illusions, loss of sense of time and synesthesia. Visuals will become more enhanced including seeing things like halos around lights and sometimes even geometric patterns when you close your eyes. As is the case with cannabis, your magic mushroom trip will depend on the dosage and strain you take. Of course, small dosage of either have a different effect than a full dose. 

Magic Mushrooms and Cannabis Are Strikingly Similar

When all is said and done weed and magic mushrooms have an uncanny likeness to each other. For starters, both affect your thought process and perceptions in certain ways. They lift your mood to the point of elation, trigger creative thoughts, and enrich the beauty of music, art and nature in general. However, they also have a dark side and can open a Pandora’s box, bringing to the surface any inner demons and deep-rooted bad feelings you may have.


So what happens when these two components come together? Well, it depends on the person (how drug tolerant they are) and the timing. When everything falls into place, a melting pot of cannabis and shrooms will intensify your psychedelic experience. 

Picture 2

It’s always best to let the magic mushroom trip take the center stage, while cannabis plays a more supporting role. That means taking it easy on the weed. If you’re smoking, don’t overdo it – no big joints or bong rips. Just small puffs to first test the waters and then playing it by ear from that point.

Psychonauts who’ve learned to get the best out of the two avoid smoking weed during the peak. They say cannabis taken before the mushroom come-up helps to temper it. It also gives the peak an edge, and prolongs the come-down. Those who have more weed tolerance smoke before the peak then wait for the come-down before taking some more cannabis. Again, this is a fine balancing act, if you overdo it you may completely reignite your high which may not be very pleasant.

One heads up we can give users who mix weed and magic mushrooms is to start with low-THC, sativa-dominant strains. Something else to consider is that sativa strains provide that extra bit of energy and positivity, while indica a CBD-rich strain helps fight off nausea and manage any jittery feelings that may creep up. 

The Downside

Of course things may not always go according to script. Sometimes cannabis induces lethargy and dulls any visuals you’re likely to experience as well as numbing your sensations. In short, your psychedelic peak could end up becoming an anti-climax.

Combining cannabis and shrooms can also trigger a bout of paranoia and anxiety, not to mention there’s the risk of getting mired in negative or repetitive thoughts and emotions. The worst part is that if you’re having a bad trip it’ll feel even longer because of the disorientation of time that comes with taking mushrooms. And in conclusion, Weed and psilocybin can be a wonderful combination, when done right. The weed can reinvigorate your shrooms trip when it goes off-peak and make the whole experience smoother. However, when your timing is off, or your head’s simply not in the right place, combining the two can dampen the best parts of the trip and unleash chaos. If you have any doubts, it’s better to err on the side of caution and not mix the two.

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Ten Reasons You Should Microdose

Microdosing was a mind hack for enhancing productivity among the elite members of Silicon Valley. However, it has now turned into something that’s hard to ignore. Some researchers boarded the train early and the results of their studies provide scientific proof backing the claims of psychonauts that magic mushrooms can improve your outlook on life and increase your level of productivity.

How do the benefits of microdosing measure in comparison to a hallucinogen? Here is a list of benefits you stand to enjoy from microdosing.

1. Its effects are less heavy compared to a full Psychedelic Trip: 

Microdosing involves taking minute doses of psilocybin mushrooms. It has just enough effects to make you feel great without the other complications associated with a full trip, namely spending the whole day spaced out in a deep spiritual journey or experiencing deep hallucinations as a negative effect. Subtracting the vivid hallucinations spiritual journeys can be quite revealing and can aid you in altering your life trajectory in a good way, but they’re best enjoyed on weekends or when you are in leave from work. If you microdose, you get to feel good and still be able to keep on doing the everyday things that you need to do. 

2. It mitigates Depression and Anxiety:

If you are suffering from symptoms of severe anxiety or depression, it can potentially lift you ease your pain and worries especially when antidepressants have failed you. 

Some research findings have proven this. In such a study, about patients suffering from depression were given psilocybin after which they showed an improvement in mood and stress relief. Analysis of their brain activity showed changes in blood flow in particular areas of the brain that are normally responsible for handling emotional responses, stress, and fear.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, the lead researcher, reported that patients who’ve received psilocybin therapy go through an emotional release, helping them come to terms with the causes for their depression. This was different from the effects observed from the use of antidepressants, which only work to dull the patients’ emotions. 

3. It helps the patients to relax and improves their moods:

Picture 2

Magic mushrooms can potentially generate feelings of relaxation that are similar to the effects of consuming low doses of marijuana. Psilocybin works on the user’s perception by acting on the brain’s neural circuits via a chemical messenger known as serotonin. It affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls abstract thinking and regulates the thought process. The visual cortex also plays a key role in mood and perception. As a result, psilocybin are reported to generate experiences that are enjoyable and mentally stimulating and that produce a sense of heightened understanding.

4.  Creativity boost

Microdosers tend to be more creative. According to research which compared people who microdose to those who don’t and found that microdosers fared better ofn their display of wisdom, open-mindedness and creativity.

Those who scored well on wisdom were people who showed multiple perspectives, learned from mistakes, and had high understanding of emotions and people. The creativity as well, was about discovering unusual uses for regular household objects.

5. Improved focused

In another research on the benefits of microdosing and its challenges, 278 microdosers provided reports on their experiences with LSD and psilocybin. The research was carried out to know whether microdosing had helped them improve aspects of their lives such as mood, meditative practices, exercise, diet and sleeping habits. It was discovered that about 15 % of respondents reported improved focus and concentration. They showed more awareness, engagement and attentiveness, as well as mindfulness. 

6. Increase in Emotional Sensitivity

It makes you a warmer, more approachable person. Researchers were able to demonstrate that microdosers showed better social skills. They were more extroverted, showed more empathy and were able to connect with other people. They had better human relationship skills. 

7. It allows you to control the dosage You Take

It offers firm control over the amount of hallucinogens you take. Micro-dosing requires the discipline to follow a schedule, over a short number of days. Observing this will make microdosing well-suited for you in your daily activities.

Microdosers generally agree that standard microdose is about a tenth of a full dose of the substance, and it does not result in any intoxication.  

8. It aids in dealing with addictions

This is quite comic, isn’t it? Given that the psychedelic substance itself can make you dependent on it it can also help you deal with your dependence on other substances such as nicotine, alcohol etc.  That’s what magic mushrooms do, as proven researchers at Johns Hopkins University. They acknowledged psilocybin’s capability to fight nicotine addiction. Another study also proved that people who abuse opioids developed less preference for opioids abuse when they were administered with psychedelic drugs which seemed to offer some kind of protection. There are many such reports reiterating the fact that microdosing is helping them to quit their addictive habits.

9. It improves the body’s physiological function

Picture 3

Some microdosers also reported that smaller doses of psilocybin taken regularly improved their visual senses, cardiovascular endurance, and they slept better.

10. It eases migraines

People suffering from severe migraines can attest to how excruciatingly painful It can be. This has led some people to seek alternative treatments online, and have found solace in microdosing on psilocybin. A study described psychedelic tryptamines (commonly found in psychedelic substances) as being remarkably effective in addressing migraines of most of the participants in the study. The treatments were shown to stop the recurrence of the migraine. There were no reports of severe adverse effects, although there were few cases of discomfort.

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The Use of Magic Mushrooms For The Treatment of OCD

The Use of Magic Mushrooms For The Treatment of OCD


Do you know that Psilocybin A.K.A magic mushrooms have the potential to cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? It is true that magic mushrooms offer many health benefits and one of them is the role it plays in treating OCD. Read this article for a better understanding.

There are several medically approved products which function as an anti-depressant and are commonly used to treat OCD such as clomipramine, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine, sertraline, or other antidepressant medications are used to treat OCD.

Before we dive deep into how magic mushrooms cure OCD in comparison to these other medications, we need to grasp what OCD is, its symptoms, and how it can affect a person’s life.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, popularly known as OCD, is a kind of disorder that involves the development of undesirable obsessions and interrupts the thoughts, images, which permeates the mind of a child or teens; this causes a great impact of anxiety or discomfort in which the child or teen tries to reduce by involving in repetitive behaviours or impulsive acts.

People suffering from this disorder tend to feel great agony if they don’t accomplish or they experience things that are not part of their routine. Also, they experience a tough time stopping their compulsive behaviour and obsession.

Categories of people with OCD?

Washers– They are hygiene freaks who want everything to be clean. They are very meticulous about washing and cleaning. They tend to react at every sight of dirt. Squeaky cleanliness is their watchword.

Checkers– They do not feel a sense of security and they tend to check things that could possibly cause harm or danger to them.

Doubters and Sinners- They are usually scared that things could go wrong and that somehow everything wouldn’t be perfect or done.

Counters and arrangers- They always want everything around them to be organized and tidily arranged. They make sure that arrangement is perfect and they are also obsessed with some numbers and specific colours.

Hoarders- They have the fear that if they throw anything away something bad will happen, so they tend to hoard things with them. They are emotionally attached to these objects.


Recognizing the Onset of OCD

Here is a list of symptoms of OCD classified based on obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, and physical feelings.

Symptoms of Obsessive thoughts include:

  • Fear of germ contamination.

  • Fear of harming themselves and losing control.

  • Detestably violent or sexually explicit thoughts and images.

  • Excessively views on moral ideas or religions.

  • Fear of loss

  • Everything must be arranged in a uniform manner.

  • They are superstitious about fortune and misfortune and they tend to suspect everything

Symptoms of compulsive behaviours are: 

  • Excessive checking of things including looks and appliances which might harm them. 

  • They constantly check on their loved ones to make sure that they are safe and free from harm.

  •  To counter their anxiety, they tap, count, repeat some words continuously in order to keep calm.

  • They spend more time on cleaning.

  • They tend to get involved in rituals triggered by religious fear. 

  • They gather “junk” such as containers and old newspapers.

Physical feelings include

  • Feeling dizzy

  • Racing heart

  • Shallow breathing

  • Shortness of breath

  • Headaches

  • Stomachaches

  • Strong muscular tensions


There are some who have the tendency to have this disorder. People who experienced any one of the following conditions might fall into this circle.

  • Members of the family with OCD.

  • People who have traumatic or stressful experiences.

  • Sexual and physical trauma which occurs during childhood

  • Pregnancy and post-partum experience

  • Other mental related disorders.

How OCD affects a person?

It’s effects on people vary widely; the majority tend to experience physical damage due to substance abuse, or they can’t go outside the house, or even engage in normal activities, they may experience a lot of distress caused by obsessive thoughts.

It also has a huge effect on marital life or relationship; it may lead to separation or divorce. It can affect the education of students as they waste time or consume more time to complete tasks in school. These are the possible effects of OCD on people affected by it.

What is Psilocybin A.K.A magic mushrooms?


Psilocybin is commonly a psychedelic substance that can either be found in about 75 species of mushrooms. The most renowned is the Psilocybe Mexicana commonly known as magic mushroom. The potency of these magic mushrooms differs broadly and this variation is based on the amount ingested, how you consume them and their freshness etc.

Health benefits of Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)


Magic mushrooms are efficient in arresting a wide range of health conditions which includes depression, stress, and other forms of mental illnesses.

They induce an euphoric high which allows you to be energetic, feel relief from chronic pain and feel more focused. Researchers have also found that magic mushrooms can help to get rid of addictions

How does Psilocybin (magic mushroom) cure OCD?

When psilocybin is ingested, it is converted into psilocin. Magic mushroom is believed to treat depression and other behavioural disorders which are some of the apparent signs of OCD.

The psilocin perform its long-lasting effects on the brain and results in activating 5-HT2A receptors by acting as an agonist which makes it considerably useful in treating mental illness. It can make your mind communicate with other regions that are otherwise inactive. As a result, there are observable alterations to the personality and mood of the person.

Compared to other medications e.g anti-depressants mentioned earlier, psilocybin has a faster effect in treating OCD. The effects last longer 24 from the time it was administered and it can stay inside the body for up to 3 days. In curing OCD, it makes the regions of the brain hyper-connected thereby resulting in stopping obsessive thinking.



Some research institutes have confirmed that magic mushrooms can help people especially with OCD, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Magic mushrooms are gaining prominence in many parts of the world for their euphoric effects and health benefits. OCD should be treated and magic mushrooms can help with that.

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The mind is the most beautiful thing ever created and when psychedelics are introduced to it, it could either create a wonderful and exhilarating experience or another that is loaded with nightmares. And although bad shroom trips are uncommon, it is advisable to be set up in the event that you have one.

A Bad Trip

A trip is a period of inebriation from a psychedelic drug, for example, lysergic acid (LSD) or in this case psilocybin (magic mushrooms). It is known as a trip on the grounds that your view of the world changes so drastically, it can feel as though you have traveled to a bizarre, new land. However, it is not always an amazing encounter, as it can rapidly turn unsavory. And sometimes, it is even unsavory from the beginning. This undesirable experience of psychedelic drug inebriation is known as a “bad trip.”

A bad trip is a distressing and terrifying experience which is triggered due to the use of psychedelic substances. A bad trip can range from a mild case of panic and anxiety to a full-blown psychedelic crisis. Bad trips don’t often occur but they usually happen because of a range of different factors.

What leads to a bad trip?

The effects of a bad trip vary from one person to another but the factors that lead to it can be generalized into the following:

  • Taking an overdose of magic mushrooms: Don’t take anything above three grams of dried mushrooms especially if you don’t have enough experience with psychedelics. Three grams is considered a full dose of shrooms so taking a dose higher would be inviting trouble. Take magic mushrooms with caution.

  • Taking shrooms when you or a family member has a history of mental problems: Magic mushrooms could definitely trigger any hidden mental illnesses so make sure you’re in no danger of unearthing a mental illness.

  • Using hallucinogens too often: Psychedelics should be taken with the utmost care and definitely shouldn’t be taken along with other substances or alcohol as it could create an even worse crisis.

  • Not taking enough food and water: The importance of taking good amounts of food and water before consuming shrooms can not be stressed enough. It is very important for you to fill your stomach before consumption of any psychedelics.

  • Being alone while consuming hallucinogens can also add to the feeling of fear and panic and multiply the effects of the substances.

How to avoid a bad trip

Magic mushrooms are known to distort the perception of actual objects so you must be prepared for that eventuality. You have to put yourself in the right frame of mind and anticipate that you could face hallucinations and unpleasant sensations but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are having a bad trip. Make sure you are in a place that you are used to so you don’t get anxious about your surroundings. Do not take more shrooms than your body can handle. Instead, do a personal research on how much your body can easily consume and in no eventuality should you take your magic mushrooms along with alcohol as this would only make matters worse.

Make sure you take lots of water and some food before you consume the mushrooms and also have a non-alcoholic beverage and snacks by your side during your trip.

Ending a bad trip

No matter how well you prepare, sometimes it only takes a little piece of memorabilia to trigger a memory and take your whole trip south. You must be prepared for this to make sure your bad trip doesn’t get out of hand. These are the the steps to take when you start feeling your trip take a turn down south:

  • Try to calm down: You can do this by sitting in a quiet place and taking deep breaths. This will help to calm your nerves and reduce the amount of input your brain is receiving due to the effect of the psychedelics.

  • Move around: You could go for a walk through a quiet street or you could do a bit of light exercise. It could help to boost your mind and also reduce the tension you are feeling.

  • Talk to your trip-sitter: It is always good to have someone experienced in psychedelics by your side or even just a friend. They would comfort you during your bad trip and help soothe your nerves.

  • Find a distraction: You could start listening to some music, watch a funny movie or even just admire the different colours in your vicinity. It is quite easy to find a distraction when you’re high because everything seems more vibrant and interesting.

  • If all else fails, your best option would be to just let the psychedelics take their course and wear out. It might take a couple of hours but it will eventually stop having an effect on you.

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Eight Astonishing Benefits of Shrooms

Over the years, Psilocybin (A.K.A magic mushrooms) has gained popularity for giving people transcendental spiritual experiences and enables members of ancient tribes such as the Aztecs to talk to their gods.

In recent times, a trend is going around researchers that proves that shrooms may not necessarily be the harmful and addictive drugs they are originally thought to be. They are now being acknowledged for being the key to absolute healing for human beings.

Here are the eight major benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms:

1.  It reduces anxiety

If you are someone who gets anxious easily, this is good for you. The use of Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) can aid you in reducing your level of anxiety. A recent study by a team of scientists at John Hopkins proved that moderate amounts of shrooms along with psychotherapy aided terminally ill patients deal with anxiety and depression caused by the knowledge of their condition. Almost, all of the participants about 80% experienced significantly reduced anxiety and depression after they were treated for 6 hours. These results were reported to still be evident after about 6 months from the day of treatments. 83% of patients reported that they grew more satisfied with their standard of living, while two-thirds admitted that their psilocybin session was one of the best things that has happened to them in life.

2.   It helps to fight depression

The stats are unpopular, but Canadians are highly rated as one of the top users of antidepressants in the world. According to the statistics, as much as 9% of Canada’s population is taking one medicinal supplement or the other for fighting depression. Fortunately, a lot of studies are ongoing on the benefits of psilocybin therapy in the treatment of depression. Psilocybin therapy has been tagged with the breakthrough therapy status by the FDA for the treatment of depression.

One of the most promising studies on magic mushrooms is a 2017 study carried out by Imperial College London which discovered that psilocybin may effectively trigger better functioning of key parts of the brain which are known to play a role in depression. Another research also proved that psilocybin when combined with psychotherapy can improve one’s emotional responsiveness. It also suggested that the substance works without having an adverse effect on the emotions of the patients as observed with using conventional antidepressants.

3.   It Alleviates OCD Symptoms

If you are familiar with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which is a condition that is associated with the development of unreasonable thoughts and fears that result in compulsive behaviours like constantly washing your hands for fear of infection, or the need to keep things in a definite order. Patients with bipolar disorders are usually the most affected. Studies carried out by the University of Arizona showed that magic mushrooms were able to successfully mitigate the symptoms related to this disorder.

Psilocybin was reported to work together with various serotonin receptors in the brain, such as those which control certain brain regions of individuals with OCD by Dr. Francisco Moreno and Dr. Brian Bayze of the University of Arizona. By administering multiple doses of shrooms to the patients, the binding activity of serotonin receptors was altered thereby reducing such symptoms.

4.   It helps in dealing with addiction

If you are suffering from an addiction to smoking, alcohol, or cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms can provide the answer to breaking these habits. A study conducted by John Hopkins University researchers revealed that psilocybin therapy aided participants to abstain from smoking for about 12 months during which follow-up was done.

An associate professor of psychiatry, Matthew Johnson, who led the study at the University believes psilocybin can potentially treat the resulting disorders of substances like alcohol and cocaine addiction. The patients can be shaken out of their narrowed mental and behavioural cyclical routines through psilocybin therapy sessions.

5.   Psilocybin stimulates the development of new brain cells

It is apparent that psilocybin can help the brain develop new connections across its different regions, it can also help the growth of neurons in the brain. In a study done by the University of South Florida, results showed that psilocybin enabled lab rats to overcome their fear by promoting the growth of new neurons in their brains, in a process known as neuroplasticity. In other words, psilocybin repairs and develops brain cells by binding itself to receptors in the nerve cells that stimulate healing. Dr. Briony Catlow, who led the study, hoped the findings can be extended to humans in clinical trials.

6.   It boosts your creativity

It is not a secret that Psilocybin can improve your mood. When consumed in high doses, it can send you into a euphoric state, but they also promote a sense of creativity and insightfulness even at lower doses known as microdoses. The study showed that participants who microdose on psilocybin developed more ideas on how to solve a task. The researchers discovered that the patients were more fluent, receptive to suggestions, and original in the possibilities they came up with.

7.   Magic mushrooms can alter your personality

Even though the elevated brain function generally returns to normal after psilocybin psychotherapy sessions, studies have shown that some effects can last longer. A study found that psilocybin can result in long-term alterations in behaviors, attitudes, and values. While researching its effect on five broad areas of personality- neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, it showed that there was a significant improvement in openness following the administration of a high-dose psilocybin session.

Openness means the attitude of a person towards new experiences, and it functions with characteristics like imagination, creativity, and aesthetic appreciation. The researchers reported that openness not only increased during the psilocybin sessions with participants, but almost 60% of the participants still maintained a significantly higher level of openness much more later. However, those whose personality are altered are only the ones who had a complete mystical experience during their high-dose session. The study further explained that the high dose should be administered under supportive conditions.

8.   It has the potential to treat Alzheimer’s

Due to the findings that Psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity in the brain, psychiatrists like Prof. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine saw an opportunity to study the effects of psychedelics in people with early Alzheimer’s disease. Studies into that haven’t being ventured into yet but for now, they know that they can treat depression that comes with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis using Psilocybin drugs.


While magic mushrooms truly provide the health benefits illustrated above, be reminded that the higher doses were administered in a controlled clinical situation. If you are inexperienced in taking psilocybin mushrooms we strongly recommend that you start your psychedelic journey by microdosing then increase your dosage as you get used to their effects.

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