There are varieties of ways in which magic mushrooms can be enjoyed. Whether you are a first-time user or a regular user, you are sure to find a beneficial way of using and enjoying magic mushrooms. It can be consumed raw or made into more discrete means such as distillates, capsules, and edibles. The effect, intensity of the trip, and longevity vary, depending on the form in which it is consumed.

Full Dose Consumption

Magic mushrooms are known throughout our recorded human history to be eaten raw. It is not uncommon in modern times to see people mix mushrooms into salads, sandwiches, and other various foods to temper the effect of offensive taste known common among most raw mushrooms. Though maybe distasteful, consuming raw can give a fast onset effect ranging between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the speed of metabolism in the user. It is possible to dry raw mushrooms and process them into a powdery form which can be used as part of edible recipes.

Mushrooms processed into powdery forms are a popular ingredient of the top layers for tobacco and cannabis. First-time users are however advised not to try this ‘party-trick to avoid negative effects their body might not be able to cope with. Alternatives to raw mushrooms consumptions include magic mushrooms candies and chocolates, and they are also very popular, especially among individuals who use them regularly. When made into edibles, they give users the full range of effects, with the standard duration trip ranging from 4 to 6 hours, which is slightly delayed when compared to raw consumption. Using magic mushrooms as edibles offer users a discreet way of getting a full-dose trip without the offensive taste and stigma associated with consuming it raw.

Users can get an optimal level of psychedelic effects from magic mushrooms distillates for the most low-key consumption possible. If you apply 0.1ml  of distillate on your tongue and then swallow, then you have used 1.5g of mushrooms, and it means you will be able to accurately dose your trip.

Psilocybin tea provides a moderate intensity trip along with a warm feeling and cleansing aftertaste which is favoured by classy folks and morning people. Teabags typically contain a 1:1 ratio of psilocybin per teabag.

MicroDose Consumption

Though full psychedelic trips provide users with a fun, users who don’t have the time and the needed energy to trip balls for 6 hours straight can enjoy the benefits offered by magic mushrooms through micro-dosing. Micro-dosing has been proven to be effective in enhancing creativity and give you a pleasant and dream-like experience for hours.

The effect micro-dosing produces compares with a cannabis Sativa head high without a drowsy body high. Micro-dosing may make occasional loops occur, but the overall boost to productivity makes micro-dosing worth it.


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