Magic mushrooms are an amazing drug that helps work magic in your body. It has a naturally occurring alkaloid called psilocybin. When this substance is ingested,  the body breaks them down to psilocin. This psilocin leads to heightened serotonin levels as the psilocin affects serotonin signalling in the brain. These heightened serotonin levels claim responsibility for the trips or psychoactive effects produced by the psilocin.

A regular dose of psilocin in the human system leads to some hallucinogenic effects, which slightly change visual perception; one would experience colourful brightness of geometric patterns. New ideas and creative perceptions are common experiences one has during a magic mushroom trip. It can also lead to openness and connection to the environment. At the same time, one may also experience astonishment in people, environment, and experiences. Also, some effects common with the magic mushroom trip are that it alters perception, introspection, emotional intensity, and time loss.

It is important to factor in perspective regarding the effects of a magic mushroom trip. The trip may be unpleasant, which is very rare. Still, it is crucial to note that it comes with many positive results since the experience is for a brief moment. When you factor in that, your tripping experience will not be negative; rather, you go through it positively.

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The safest way to travel

It is becoming more evident than ever that magic mushrooms are the best and safest route to go when you think of recreational drugs. You can buy shrooms online in Canada at Fantasy shrooms. Magic mushrooms are getting famous, and it is refreshing to see that they are gaining the recognition it deserves. It is a case of psychological addiction for some but not physical addiction.

Magic mushroom is the safest way to go on a psychedelic trip. They are non-addictive, and they are not toxic. Judging by these two standards, it is evident that psilocybin is one of if not the safest substances you can consume for recreational purposes. Precisely, physical and psychological dependence on this substance is potentially low, chronic toxicity is very low, acute toxicity is low, and the risk to public health is also low. From statistics, magic mushroom use-related criminal activity is negligible.

The former chief drug advisor to the UK government listed a series of drugs based on their potential to cause harm to society and individuals. The magic mushroom was ranked the lowest in terms of risk and harm posed to individuals and the immediate society from the ranking.

Knowing the exact amount of magic mushroom that will affect you is difficult, especially if you are a first-timer. Still, not to worry, there are measures in place you can adopt to have a pleasant experience. At Fantasy shrooms, we have all the guides you need to know the exact dose that works for you, and you can buy shrooms in Canada from our online dispensary.

Positive effects of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can produce desirable effects when taken responsibly. This is more true if you know just the right dose that works for you. For the perfect dose to enjoy the positive effects of magic mushrooms, you can buy shrooms online in Canada from fantasy shrooms.

Apart from the pleasure that comes with it, there are benefits associated with ingesting magic mushrooms. People looking to win the battle over unhealthy habits and addictions, or those hoping to boost immunity, heighten their level of connectivity in the brain, reduce cholesterol levels, or tackle ageing using antioxidants, and reap the benefits from Vitamins B, D, and K, they are enjoying all these wellness and health benefits in magic mushrooms too. You can buy Shrooms in Canada to enjoy all of these benefits.

Spiritual and Pleasurable Effects:

You enjoy the extremely pleasurable effects of magic mushrooms when you can get just the right dose that works for you. Recently, many people have been turning to microdosing. Many have noticed that little psilocybin administered regularly can curb anxiety and boost mood. If a person prepares properly, they can take higher doses and experience a euphoric level of enlightenment, translating to overwhelming joy.

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Many use the magic mushroom to kick-start breakthroughs in certain areas of their life. Taking shrooms in reasonable amounts gives people the room to experience spiritual growth; they also dare to overcome ego-related problems. Buy your shrooms in Canada from us as we offer the best microdoses and other shrooms products.

The growing possibilities

Due to its effect on mood, further studies are being carried out on psilocybin. To know the exact process this substance undergoes has prompted further studies on test subjects, (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and different emotional stimuli. There is growing anticipation from the researchers that the study will reveal exactly why and how psilocybin is effective.

Further studies show the possibility of psilocybin in handling the Compulsive use of substances like alcohol and tobacco. It is a possibility that this happens due to psilocybin bringing changes in the brain’s plasticity (the brain’s ability to create new or alternate links between multiple areas in the brain), which is responsible for modifications in mood attitude, and behaviour.

Since further studies need to be conducted to learn more about the benefits of magic mushrooms, from the result of existing studies, magic mushrooms tend to treat mental health conditions and help recover damaged tissues or neurons. 


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