Using magic mushrooms for depression is a great way of treating depressed patients. Even though this mushroom has many health benefits but this article will talk  about depression.

In case you are still a novice about magic mushroom, they are a type of fungus that has hallucinogenic elements.
Here are some notable points about  magic mushrooms that will improve your knowledge.


Magic mushroom is a fungus that contains elements that aids hallucination and can grow on logs of woods and dung. They can be found in the wild or planted. While

some people prefer to eat it fresh, some others prefer to mix it with their food or drinks. Not all magic mushrooms are good to human health, some can cause death. Therefore, you should be careful when you are picking the mushrooms by yourself. However, magic mushrooms that are available at Fantasy Shrooms are safe to consume as they are planted, monitored and packed with quality standards by experts.

There are different kinds of mushrooms and their functions vary from improving brain activity to helping depressed patients.

Magic mushroom has psilocybin, that is, it contains psychoactive and hallucinogenic elements and Psilocybin can be considered as one of the psychedelics. Researchers from many parts of the world recommend listing Psilocybin as Schedule IV drug that can be used for medical purposes to treat depression, anxiety and many more


It is used in the treatment of psychiatric disorders among which are depression, anxiety behaviour, personality disorders and also behavioural disorder.

Now before proceeding to what depression is and how magic mushrooms, can be used as a potential treatment, kindly note these few things


It is one of the great public health problems because of its suicidal effects. It has a negative effect on people’s thinking, attitude and emotions. Anyone suffering from this illness might harm himself, and some go to extreme by commuting suicide.


Depression is one of the major mental illnesses across the world. And every year hundreds of thousands of people commit suicide as a result of depression. As of February 2020, about 264 million are affected with depression around the world. This includes people in all age groups. Though men and women are affected by depression, the majority of them are females. Depression often lead to suicidal thoughts and many patients who suffer from it commit suicide.

Fortunately, there are many treatments out there both medical and psychological to combat mild to serious cases of depression. Understanding who is at risk for depression helps to know how you can use magic mushrooms for depression treatment.


Though anyone can be affected by depression, not even people with normal situations are free. Below are some causes of depression.

  • Changes in the biochemistry of a person’s brain can put him or her at risk for depression.
  • Depression is a genetically related mental disease. It can be transcended from family members. Some studies reveal that genetics account for 50% of the risk associated with depression.
  • Anyone who gets stressed easily and with a negative mindset can be affected by depression. They tend to get depressed than optimistic individuals.
  • The environment also plays a major role in getting depression. One who is exposed to abuse, poverty, neglect, violence is most likely to get depressed.

Depression shows a wide range of symptoms from mild to severe in nature. The most common signs of depression are stated below.

You lack interest in something that you used to enjoy, 
You feel sad often
You show a rapid change in the weight (either gain or loss due to altered appetite)
You are feeling tired always
You are slow to move or talk and you feel guilty
You find it hard to make a decision
You are unable to focus and concentrate
You are struggling to cope up with stress
You have suicidal thoughts


A recent study published in the Journal Psychopharmacology by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University suggests that magic mushrooms can be used to treat depression. In another study, the researchers found that depressed patients who took magic mushrooms had improvements in their mood and concentration.

 Psilocybin is one of the good kinds of psychedelics. The most commonly known psilocybin is the Psilocybe Mexicana or Magic Mushroom. The psilocybin is converted as psilocin if taken in the person’s body. Psilocin is a psycho-active agent; it is a drug that affects the mind.
Since beta-carboline harmane and harmaline is one of the components of the Psilocybe mushroom which produces antidepressant-like effect.


For any medicine, there may be some side effects for it. Overdosing any drug can pose risks. As the effects of the magic mushrooms are lost for 6 to 10 hours, there is a chance for overdosing. If you are suffering from depression and like to try magic mushrooms, make sure to start with a lower or recommended dose.

The potency of the magic mushroom depends on how you take it and the freshness of the mushroom. It is recommended to read the labels carefully about the dose, packaging date, etc.   For your quality and affordable shrooms, always visit they are the best online magic mushroom dispensary committed to providing you with the best and affordable shrooms anywhere in Canada. And guess what, you get 20% discount when you use the promo code FANTASY 20.

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