As a not-so-experienced user or a beginner with magic mushrooms, you need to imbibe the knowledge available to you to understand the methods of usage of shrooms. A microdose is a viable way of using magic mushrooms, and this article is a complete guide to microdosing Shrooms.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing shrooms involve using a minute amount of shrooms, LSD, and similar entheogenic substances to enjoy just about one-tenth of the whole experience of taking high doses.  James Fadiman, a psychedelic researcher, coined the word “Microdosing” in 2011, and it has become a household phenomenon since then.  It first appeared in his book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”.

What does it feel Like to experience microdosing shrooms?

A microdose gives you a different feeling from a full psychedelic dose.  Microdose gives a sub-perceptual feeling, something that is not easily noticeable.  So, it is safe to say that microdose doesn’t aim to attain self-consciousness or a level beyond the natural spiritual level.  You don’t get to experience any intense feeling of consuming shrooms.  Microdosing enhances your senses slightly, which for many makes them more involved in their daily activity.  You can buy shrooms online in Canada and enjoy the microdosing experience.

What are the Benefits of microdosing shrooms?  Why do people microdose?

The reason for microdosing shrooms varies; it all depends on the individual. Still, some things are standard with all users—many microdoses do it for one mental health reason.  PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression are just some highlights.

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Beyond mental well-being, people microdose is to increase focus and creativity.  Some users report that they make more intelligent connections when they microdose than they do every regular day.  Many also say that microdosing helps their mind settle and stay focused on the task they are doing at the moment.  Some even lose time by staying focused and attaining a particular flow state.  Athletes and creatives like artists, programmers, musicians, among others, love microdosing because it helps them achieve this flow state.

We discovered that they often suffer concussions and traumatic brain injuries from close dialogue with many athletes who microdose.  They seek to microdose psychedelics due to their ability to stimulate the mental health and well-being of the brain.  Research on microdosing psilocybin to stimulate neuroplasticity is very few.  But a recent study in this area has shown the potential of LSD’s low doses to boost BDNF blood plasma levels.  It is an essential element of neuroplasticity between neurons.

Few people have also testified to microdosing just for fun or satisfy their curiosity.  In some quarters, magic mushrooms are gaining popularity as a replacement for alcohol.  Why?  You can easily buy shrooms online.  A lot of creativity goes into making it into attractive packages.  They are made in “Scooby snacks” containing around 0.25g of psilocybin mushrooms blended with bee pollen and similar natural supplements.

What is the Right Dose?  What is the exact quantity of shrooms microdose?

Micro doses of shrooms are minimal; 100 mg (0.1g) can have a significant difference between starting a shrooms trip somewhat and attaining a sub-perceptual microdose level.  A microdose is one-tenth of a total dose; anything higher than that can be too strong to handle, especially when you still have to go about your daily activities.  There’s a thin line between a microdose and higher doses.  However, the point when it crosses the line is different depending on the individual.

How do you spot this thin line?  It is worth noting that the potency of shrooms differs from strain to strain, species to species.  Also, the human system is similar in structure how they react to things differently.  A solid dose for one can be a microdose to another.  Finally, the effect of different levels of microdosing can be positive or negative for other activities or purposes.  To reap the benefit of microdosing 100%, you can buy shrooms in Canada at Fantasy shrooms.

Microdosing helps you attain a sense of awareness both externally and internally.  You get to see every tiny detail about everything around you, plants, nature, and even science.  You get to see colors better, and your emotions and thought patterns feel, and they need to feel.

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Generally, though, microdosing shrooms stand somewhere between 0.05-0.5g for dried shrooms.  For direct Psilocybe cubensis microdosing, especially strains like the Golden Teacher, you tend to enjoy more benefits when you microdose from 0.1-0.25g.  From the report, if you take any dose slightly higher than 0.25g, it will be prominent, and you may even have a little experience like that of a total amount of shrooms.  In that state, perception becomes altered, and you won’t achieve the goal of microdosing.  But if you don’t have much to do and you can relax, the feeling comes and goes, and then you experience the sense of microdosing and attain increased creativity.

Many people take microdoses in the range of 100mg (0.1g); when you do that, you get to escape the come-up effect and other unwanted feelings, when you take doses around this range, your concentration level increases and is not impaired.

As established, the effects differ per person, so not everyone turns to microdosing to attain greater productivity levels.  Not everyone will experience a come level after talking a little higher dose.  From users’ reports, especially those with depression, they benefit more when they dose around 0.2-0.3g.  They don’t have any apparent distractions or alternations to their sense.  Thus, it is easier to operate in your daily activities and not be disoriented generally.  It is essential to start with tiny does so you can understand how your body interacts with shrooms before you decide on your microdosing range.  Fantasy shrooms offer you the best quality shrooms product, and with them, you can buy shrooms online.

How Long Does a Microdose Last?

The time frame with which microdosing lasts is almost the same as a total dose.  So it can be anywhere between 4-6 hours.  But from some reports, people don’t document specific hours; they tend to have the experience almost throughout the day.  Plus, users tend to enjoy the positive effect of microdosing through to the next day.

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Which are the best shrooms strain to microdose?

While some are still ongoing, much research exists to know the effects of different species and strains of shrooms.  There will be more information on strains that are better and otherwise.  Currently, the most notable species for microdosing is Psilocybe cubensis, most especially the Golden Teacher strain.

Some of the other famous strains for microdosing include Penis Envy, Amazonia, Golden Teachers.  Penis Envy is reputable for its potency; the effect usually used to be stronger than the other strain of P. cubensis.  So, if Penis Envy is your pick of the bunch, you may want to take a smaller microdose than you’d do with the other strains.

You can microdose other notable species, including Atlantis truffles and Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata).  Some experienced users have reported that some species and strains make them feel tired more than others.  That though can be attributed to individual system reactions with these substances.

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How Does microdosing Psilocybin work?

Currently, there’s a cry for more clinical research on microdosing shrooms and other psychedelics as it is still lacking.  However, little research has pronounced the effectiveness and functionality of psychedelics in the brain.  We don’t know precisely how they can serve as a remedy to depression.

Some informal research has been carried out, and this research shows fantastic results of the effect of microdosing.  Microdosers have higher scores in convergent and divergent thinking, and it further spells the ability of microdosing to increase creativity.

The effect of microdosing has its foundation on the expectations of the microdose.  That is an extract from the preliminary research conducted by David Erritzoe in conjunction with Beckley Foundation for psychedelic research and Imperial College London.

Is there a disadvantage to Microdosing?  What are the side effects of microdosing Shrooms?

The common side effect of microdosing is when an individual mistakenly takes a little more than the dose for microdosing.  The side effect varies, though, as the experiences differ.  Some can experience remote tripping, some can have swings in their visual perception, some may have their feelings altered, and they won’t be able to go on with their daily activities or stay focused on the task before them.

From reports, some usual side effects include anxiety, jittering when the product sets in, and some nausea.  Some may have difficulty sleeping if they take the dose later in the evening or afternoon.  If you consume the right product and the correct quantity, you won’t experience any side effects.  you can buy shrooms online at fantasy shrooms for your best quality product

Is It Safe To Microdose Daily?  Are There Any Long-term Effects?

Based on research carried out on athletes who microdose psychedelics, “Matthew Johnson” at John Hopkins University said, “there’s a possibility of microdosing having a long-term effect, but at the time of writing, scientists are yet to uncover these effects.”But based on experience with one serotonin 2B receptor stimulant in the 90s, “fen-phen” made some of those who took them in little dose develop problems with their heart valves.  There’s speculation that it may turn out to be the same with microdosing Shrooms since it stimulates the serotonin 2B receptor.  At the time of writing, scientists haven’t figured that out yet.

Even though there are no problems with microdosing daily, a specialist in the field like Paul Stamets and James Fadiman recommend that a few days on and a few days off is a much better way to go with microdosing.

How to Microdose Shrooms?

Microdosing is straightforward, unlike taking higher or total doses of shrooms.  Your set and setting are essential to how safe a trip you can have.  To maximize the benefits of microdosing, you should have the proper “set and setting” and the right intention, as it will be the foundation on which the experience will be built.

As much as you can microdose and continue with your daily activity as usual, for newbies, it’s essential to have your first experience when you don’t have much to do.  Or when you want to try a new strain, do that when you don’t have to shoulder much responsibility.  Take your microdose in the early hours of the day, except on a free day when you have enough time to yourself.  Do not take any medication that could interact dangerously with the psilocybin.  Also, ensure to use an accurate scale to get the proper measurements.

Microdosing Protocols: Stamets or Fadmiman protocol??

To stop you from building tolerance to psychedelics, experts have formulated protocols you can use to microdose.  Paul Stamets and James Fadiman have created a 4:3 (4 days on and three days off) and 5:2 (5 days on and two days off) protocol; whatever schedule you decide to use works well.  The important thing is to take a few days off as you are microdosing


You can enjoy microdosing if you follow the simple guide we’ve created for you.  Microdosing has so many benefits.  You can maximize these benefits by taking the correct dose and using whatever protocol you think suits you better. Fantasy shrooms are Canada’s #1 Online Shrooms Mail Order Dispensary.  You can buy shrooms in Canada from us.  We are committed to satisfying our customers.  We offer the best quality microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada.  When you shop with us, you get to enjoy- 22% Off all your goods from a minimum of $150 using 2022WELCOME as a promo code.  You can shop with us here at Fantasy shrooms.

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