The mind is the most beautiful thing ever created and when psychedelics are introduced to it, it could either create a wonderful and exhilarating experience or another that is loaded with nightmares. And although bad shroom trips are uncommon, it is advisable to be set up in the event that you have one.

A Bad Trip

A trip is a period of inebriation from a psychedelic drug, for example, lysergic acid (LSD) or in this case psilocybin (magic mushrooms). It is known as a trip on the grounds that your view of the world changes so drastically, it can feel as though you have traveled to a bizarre, new land. However, it is not always an amazing encounter, as it can rapidly turn unsavory. And sometimes, it is even unsavory from the beginning. This undesirable experience of psychedelic drug inebriation is known as a “bad trip.”

A bad trip is a distressing and terrifying experience which is triggered due to the use of psychedelic substances. A bad trip can range from a mild case of panic and anxiety to a full-blown psychedelic crisis. Bad trips don’t often occur but they usually happen because of a range of different factors.

What leads to a bad trip?

The effects of a bad trip vary from one person to another but the factors that lead to it can be generalized into the following:

  • Taking an overdose of magic mushrooms: Don’t take anything above three grams of dried mushrooms especially if you don’t have enough experience with psychedelics. Three grams is considered a full dose of shrooms so taking a dose higher would be inviting trouble. Take magic mushrooms with caution.

  • Taking shrooms when you or a family member has a history of mental problems: Magic mushrooms could definitely trigger any hidden mental illnesses so make sure you’re in no danger of unearthing a mental illness.

  • Using hallucinogens too often: Psychedelics should be taken with the utmost care and definitely shouldn’t be taken along with other substances or alcohol as it could create an even worse crisis.

  • Not taking enough food and water: The importance of taking good amounts of food and water before consuming shrooms can not be stressed enough. It is very important for you to fill your stomach before consumption of any psychedelics.

  • Being alone while consuming hallucinogens can also add to the feeling of fear and panic and multiply the effects of the substances.

How to avoid a bad trip

Magic mushrooms are known to distort the perception of actual objects so you must be prepared for that eventuality. You have to put yourself in the right frame of mind and anticipate that you could face hallucinations and unpleasant sensations but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are having a bad trip. Make sure you are in a place that you are used to so you don’t get anxious about your surroundings. Do not take more shrooms than your body can handle. Instead, do a personal research on how much your body can easily consume and in no eventuality should you take your magic mushrooms along with alcohol as this would only make matters worse.

Make sure you take lots of water and some food before you consume the mushrooms and also have a non-alcoholic beverage and snacks by your side during your trip.

Ending a bad trip

No matter how well you prepare, sometimes it only takes a little piece of memorabilia to trigger a memory and take your whole trip south. You must be prepared for this to make sure your bad trip doesn’t get out of hand. These are the the steps to take when you start feeling your trip take a turn down south:

  • Try to calm down: You can do this by sitting in a quiet place and taking deep breaths. This will help to calm your nerves and reduce the amount of input your brain is receiving due to the effect of the psychedelics.

  • Move around: You could go for a walk through a quiet street or you could do a bit of light exercise. It could help to boost your mind and also reduce the tension you are feeling.

  • Talk to your trip-sitter: It is always good to have someone experienced in psychedelics by your side or even just a friend. They would comfort you during your bad trip and help soothe your nerves.

  • Find a distraction: You could start listening to some music, watch a funny movie or even just admire the different colours in your vicinity. It is quite easy to find a distraction when you’re high because everything seems more vibrant and interesting.

  • If all else fails, your best option would be to just let the psychedelics take their course and wear out. It might take a couple of hours but it will eventually stop having an effect on you.


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