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Positive Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Experienced users who have developed high tolerance will benefit from the high potency of weed concentrates, which usually have THC of about 40-80% composition. In comparison to the cannabis flower where TCH is a mere 15-25%, this creates a wide difference in terms of potency. This creates a great choice for people that want to experience more potent effects, with euphoria and relaxation being the most common ones experienced by consumers. You can also enjoy some of these great benefits when you buy cannabis concentrates Canada from Fantasy Shrooms, the #1 online dispensary in Canada.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

There are several different weed concentrate types with each providing specific benefits to medical marijuana patients in the country. The two most popular reasons for the use of weed concentrates are stress reduction and pain alleviation. A lot of people enjoy using this substance because of its ability to reduce inflammation, which also brings great pain relief that might not be experienced with other types of weed.

Anxiety and stress reduction are also quite popular, with the cannabinoids contained in the weed said to be great at the regulation of stress hormones. This can help to provide your body with a much-needed inner balance, helping you to feel more regulated. However, you should note that these effects are felt differently by each person, and one person may get a boost in motivation from shatter, while another may enjoy soothing effects from their dabs. There are still a lot of studies and research going into the therapeutic benefits that cannabis concentrates have to offer. 

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There are several cannabis concentrate types that you can look out for when you buy cannabis concentrates online. These include THC Oil, Terp Sauce, Live Resin, Distillates & Isolates, Hash, Rick Simpson Oil, Rosin, Butane Honey Oil, Badder/Batter/Budder, and Sift/Kief.

Cannabis Concentrates or Marijuana Flowers

Concentrates are significantly more potent than cannabis flowers, as they are made of up to four or five times more THC. Just like we earlier stated, a regular cannabis flower would have a THC level of around 15-25% although you might also see some strains that are close to 30%. However, anything that has a THC level that high is regarded to be “boutique” cannabis or “top-shelf”. That means it’s going to cost you way more than your regular cannabis buds. 

Cannabis concentrates, however, usually contain about 60-70% of THC, although this value can range from 40-90% based on the producers. With substances that have such a high THC level, there is a completely different feeling experienced than that gotten from smoking a pipe or a joint. People who have smoked for a long time or need more relief have experienced great benefits from taking these cannabis concentrates. The concentrates bring a highly potent experience that experienced cannabis users love. Setting up the rig might be a bit more complex than just toking with a bowl, but you can make it an effortless experience with the right tools. All you need is to practice! And you can practice with the high-quality products that you get when you buy cannabis concentrates online from Fantasy Shrooms.

Cannabis Concentrates or Weed Edibles

Cannabis concentrates are extremely different from weed edibles in almost every way imaginable. The primary similarity between them is that they are both gotten from cannabis. These concentrates are consumed by inhalation while the edibles are eaten and digested. This consumption method brings about two very different experiences with marijuana. Edibles need to go through the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream so the effects take much longer to start showing. This is in comparison to inhaling the substance with bypasses the liver metabolism. The cannabis then goes through metabolism in the kidney and liver. However, this process of metabolism also results in the effects of edibles generally lasting longer and bringing a more sedative body high than the concentrates. However, these concentrates also produce effects that start showing immediately after inhalation or after sublingual consumption. The high is more of a head high before it streams down the body, although this depends on what strain is consumed. The effects will continue for a couple of hours, and although these two substances are very potent, they express their potencies in very different forms.

Making Cannabis Concentrates

Just like we stated earlier, there are several different cannabis concentrate types you can get when you buy cannabis concentrates Canada. So, there are several different ways for you to create them. Making cannabis concentrates can be pretty dangerous because of the use of alcohol, butane, pressure, or alcohol, so you should not do it at home unless you are completely sure about what you’re doing.

The process of creating cannabis concentrates should only be performed with top-quality equipment in labs designed for this process to prevent any mishaps. Methods involved in creating cannabis concentrates include destroying the plant matter with CO2 or going solvent-free, and the choice is usually dependent on the producer. Each cannabis concentrate manufacturer has its specific way, so you can do some research to find the most comfortable extraction process for you.

Taking Cannabis Concentrates

Smoking weed concentrates is the most popular out of the many different methods. You can choose to smoke it in a joint, vape, or even dab. You can even consume your concentrates in the form of edibles.

Although this substance lacks the versatility of the cannabis flower, you can still consume it in several different ways. Another very common method is by dabbing. Dabbing involves a couple of tools including a torch, carb cap, nail or banger, dab tool, and a good dab rig. The steps involved in dabbing include taking the torch and heating your dab rig’s nail till it becomes red hot. Then, cool it down and remove a bit of dab on your dab tool’s tip. After the nail has successfully cooled down, then you can put the end of your tool with a dab on it in the banger, swirling it to remove all the wax. While you swirl, you can then inhale through your rig’s mouthpiece. After all the wax has been removed from the tool, then you can put the tool away, placing the carb cap on the nail while still inhaling. Then, exhale as you deem necessary, and you have successfully dabbed. You can also vape your cannabis concentrates, with some vape pens giving you the chance to put some dabs right in the pen’s chamber and allowing you to heat the concentrate so all the wax is vaporized. This provides a simpler and more discreet way to enjoy your weed wax. 

Storing Cannabis Concentrates

You should always keep your cannabis concentrates contained in an airtight container, which should be placed in a dark and cool spot. Note that exposure to air and light will cause degradation to the terpenes and boost how quickly your strain ages.

Side Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Because of the high level of potency in cannabis concentrates, it is recommended that you start with a low dose and gradually move up the scale. If you take too much, you might suffer from anxiety, nausea, dizziness, or paranoia. You can quite easily avoid these effects by taking your THC dose responsibly. 

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