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It was not until the latter part of the 18th century that the indica plants were first uncovered. It is a common belief that its origin can be traced back to the Hindu kush mountain range. At some point, certain popular strains of cannabis were shipped from Afghanistan and Pakistan to the United States and Europe too. That was when the indica strain became very famous. The indica plant is a distant relative of the sativa plant.

Cannabis indica happens to be bushier, have wider leaves, and are shorter than the sativa plant. They grow buds with a darker color, the buds are also denser and fuller. They also have fruity flavors. The indica strain most of the time possesses a higher concentration of THC than CBD. On the flip side, sativa possesses a higher concentration of CBD. For this reason, indica has been credited with more potency and psychoactive effects. Indica has some wonderful strains and some of the most famous indica strain available include Northern lights, Sherbet Queen and Budda Kush.  Canada have some wonderful online dispensaries and you can buy canabis indica online in Canada.

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Positive effects of the Indica Strain:
Before we delve into this properly, it is worth noting that, the effects of cannabis differ from person to person. They are legal in Canada, you can buy cannabis indica online in Canada. There are a few individual factors that determine how intense the experience an individual feels. Some of these factors include age, weight, and prior experience with cannabis. Starting with smaller doses till you become more mature to take higher dose is often recommended. The indica strain offers a relaxing feel and the effects bode well within the body system, you can buy Indica cannabis in Canada. The indica strain heightens dopamine (a chemical in the brain responsible for movements and pleasure) levels in the brain. It significantly influences movement, the indica often has obvious physical effects. Some more positive effects include, enhanced appetite, euphoria feeling, relaxed muscles, and reduce pain and aches. It’s good for They also have attributes of inducing sleep and drowsiness, which makes them an ideal dose for nighttime.

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Medical benefits of Indica strain:

Considering it has a high narcotic effect, patients under cannabis medication usually bank on indica-dominant cannabis to treat pain, aches, nausea, and stress. Some other medical conditions the indica strain treats include loss of appetite and anxiety in some cases. When it comes to remedying insomnia, the indica strain is the best option. Some research has even uncovered some secrets behind the indica strain and is even projecting them as an effective medication for multiple sclerosis and lupus.

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Various types of indica cannabis:

The indica cannabis strains are much and can sometimes be innumerable. It is worth noting though, that most of the indica strains have little portions of the Sativa traits mostly from crossbreeding them. Having a full indica strain cannabis is very rare. There are numerous cannabis strains, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to differentiate. It has been reported in some cases where cannabis farmers give different names to the same cannabis strain.

Indica vs Sativa:

Are they different or the same? It has been a lingering question over the years and to date growers and scientists alike, tend to agree to disagree on this. But there are a few gearing traits that distinguish them. The sativa plants more often than not are always taller than the indica plant. It takes sativa plants a long time to grow in comparison with the indica plant. The sativa plants have more CBD than THC and also have a more significant effect in energizing the body and are kind of cerebral in nature. The sativa plant effect works better for the daytime, this is because they boost energy and enlightened one’s mood. The sativa strain has more effects on other brain chemicals and not just dopamine which is the indica’s strain primary target. The indica happens to be bushier, have wider leaves, and are shorter than the sativa plant. They grow buds with a darker color, the buds are also denser and fuller. They have a stronger aroma than the sativa strain. Buy cannabis Indica (here). The number of hybrid strain available are in excess of a hundred. Hybrid strain mostly involves growing a perfect blend of the sativa and indica strain together to produce a single strain with the effect of the two former strains. When making a hybrid strain, the sativa strain or the indica strain can be the parent plant it all depends on the farmer’s preference. The effects felt more after consumption depends on which strain was chosen as the parent plant. Typically a hybrid strain can be either equally balanced, sativa-dominant, or indica-dominant. Users feel more effect of the most dominant strain when they consume a hybrid strain. If the hybrid strain is indica-dominant, the effect felt will be effects associated with indica, though there’s a chance that it will be slightly less sedative or psychoactive.

How do you grow the Indica cannabis plant?

The flowering season for indica is usually short. They also grow bushier but shorter as well, that’s in comparison with the sativa plant. Before you decide on the particular strain you want to farm, you should carry out proper research. Growth properties differ from strain to strain.

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How to consume Indica cannabis?

The regular and most popular method is smoking in a joint. Pipes, Vapes, bongs. Though recently many people make their cannabis into edibles and concentrate so they can be easily consumed. Buy online cannabis Indica in Canada from fantasyshrooms

How to preserve your Indica cannabis?

It’s advisable to store your cannabis in an airtight bag or container. And keep in a cool dark place. The shelf life is short, if you don’t store it properly, you won’t enjoy it as it can get spoilt easily.

Side effects of Indica strain:

Because of its high levels of narcotics, it can induce sleep and can lead to drowsiness and dizziness. Sometimes some users experience nausea and paranoia. These side effects can be short-term or long-term depending on the dosage level and the individual as well.


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