What You Need To Know About LSD

LSD, which is scientifically referred to as lysergic acid diethylamide is a psychedelic substance that has the ability to alter and distort the perceptions and feelings of the consumer. When it is used outside of a controlled situation, it is one of the strongest mind-distorting drugs in the world. The trips can last as long as twelve hours.

The peak of LSD’s general use was in the 60s and 70s, although the drug has been used since its initial synthesis in 1938. Its synthesis was performed using ergot, which is a type of fungi that is found on grains like rye.

LSD still has an illegal status in the United States with its classification as a Schedule I drug or a drug that has a high potential for abuse. However, when you buy LSD Canada, you can get high-quality LSD from Fantasy Shrooms.

LSD is also often referred to as Zen, Yellow Sunshine, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Hippie, California Sunshine, and popularly as acid.

This drug is classed as a hallucinogen, meaning that it produces significant alterations to thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.

Recognizing LSD

The most popular forms that LSD is sold in are capsules or tablets, although some LSD products are also liquid. This liquid is often used to soak an absorbent paper that is referred to as “blotter” acid or “window pane”, and this paper is then split into several doses.

What Does LSD Do?

Studies by scientists have made them believe that LSD produces its effects by interacting with the receptors that regulate serotonin, which is one of the brain’s neurotransmitters. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in charge of regulating the regulatory, perceptual, and behavioral systems in the body, including things like body temperature, sensory perception, sexual behavior, appetite, and mood.

After the LSD disrupts the body system, then there will be significant alterations to the consumer’s sense of reality, simply meaning they will hallucinate. People that have experienced an LSD trip have spoken about hearing strange sounds, seeing images, and also feeling certain sensations that they thought were real in the moment but turned out not to be.

Sharp mood swings can result from these sensory hallucinations, and it is possible for the LSD trip to quickly move from being a nice experience to a bad trip in just an instant. This has made the effects of this superdrug to be very unpredictable.

Expert Opinions

Even though LSD has been used for over 70 years, there are just a few proper studies into its effects on the brains of humans. The little pieces of research that we do have only have little case reports and small studies. One such piece of research has been performed for the last 25 years, and it discovered that LSD is able to:

  1. Open people up more towards new suggestions.
  2. Boost the connections between specific brain networks.
  3. Improve feelings of connectedness between people.
  4. Has some potential to be used in therapy, although more research is required.
  5. Boost emotional empathy, although it douses fear recognition ability.

Uses of LSD

When you buy LSD online from Fantasy Shrooms, you should ensure you check out the LSD products as well because they have great uses with significant benefits. People use LSD for these awesome reasons, regardless of the possible dangers they could face. The effects might seem quite nice, and because of the altered senses that the drug produces, people tend to feel more creative and special, and they feel they can’t achieve without taking the drug.

The problem for these LSD consumers is that the effects they experience are very unpredictable. The same dose from the same LSD batch might induce completely different effects in two individuals. Also, a person might have a different reaction on one trip to the one they have in the next, from the same batch of LSD.

Off-Label Uses

Although it is still illegal to prescribe LSD, there is some significant research being done into its potential use in therapy and some very promising pieces of research have been discovered. Some research has suggested that it is possible for LSD to boost the growth of neurons and it may be good for treating ailments like depression, drug dependency, as well as PTSD.

A study in 2014 looked into LSD’s use in treating a few patients that had anxiety. The results of the study seemed to show that the use of LSD in a controlled area could make it effective in treating anxiety, although some more research is required.

Side Effects of LSD

After you buy LSD Canada, you should know that the LSD you get could come with a few side effects. Some of the most common effects noticed by researchers are:

  1. Rapid swinging between emotions.
  2. Going through several emotions at the same time.
  3. Quick changes in feelings and sensations.
  4. Syntehsia or senses crossing over. 
  5. Time distortion.
  6. A distorted sense of self.

These distorted sensations and perceptions can create some panic in the consumer. Some of these people have to experience fear of death, insanity, losing control, despair, as well as some nightmarish thoughts.

It has also been pretty difficult for scientists to explicitly state why consumers of LSD tend to go through flashbacks, which are suddenly recurring parts of an LSD trip without any prior warnings. These flashbacks tend to take place just a couple of days after the initial use of the LSD or a bit more than a year after the drug’s consumption. 

Signs of LSD Consumption

The signs that someone has consumed LSD can be quite distinct and you might be able to note that someone has consumed the substance. You can also be a consumer of LSD when you buy LSD online from Fantasy Shrooms, the number one online dispensary in Canada.

Some of these signs include incoherent speech, lack of appetite, paraphernalia, an increase in body temperature, hallucinations, loss of orientation, dilation of pupils, convulsions, as well as paranoia.

Some of the symptoms that can result from an overdose of LSD include delusions, seizures, psychosis, and panic attacks. If you are suspicious of someone overdosing on LSD, then you should immediately reach out to emergency services and try to ensure that the individual remains calm until they arrive.

Withdrawal, Dependence, and Tolerance

LSD is not regarded as an addictive drug, although its continuous use will cause a higher tolerance. When people build their tolerance to a drug, then they will need to consume a higher dose to experience the same effects. This can turn out to be quite dangerous especially with LSD as tolerance levels can build very quickly, and the drug’s effects are pretty unpredictable.

The tolerance for LSD also vanishes quite quickly, mostly in less than 72 hours. This can cause people to use a very dangerous dosage of the drug.

The commonest signs of LSD use are:

  1. Addiction: LSD is not a physically addictive drug so people tend to get tired of it and just stop taking it of their own volition, or simply reduce how much they take over time. Although people don’t seem to get physically dependent on LSD, developing psychological dependence is highly possible. Some people see LSD as a way to get rid of or reduce the symptoms that they link to psychological withdrawal.
  2. Withdrawal: LSD is different from other substances because withdrawal from it does not usually come with a myriad of negative symptoms. People are usually able to completely cut off from LSD without going through any unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, psychological symptoms are pretty common, and some of these are suicidal thoughts, psychosis, mood swings, hallucinations, depression, and anxiety.

Getting Help

Abuse or misuse of LSD can cause significant damage to the consumer as well as the people around them. Its treatment can either be the form of residential or outpatient approaches, group therapyfamily therapyor cognitive behavioral therapy.

You can contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through their number at 1-800-662-4357 if you have anyone that is struggling with substance addiction. Although there is currently no medication available that can be used in treating LSD, some medications are available that can be used in treating symptoms of disorders like anxiety, depression, and others.

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