Positive Effects of Shatter

Just like the case is with regular marijuana, your experience is primarily dependent on the type of weed you consume. If it is a strain that is Indica-dominant, then you are likely to experience couch lock and body sensations, whereas a strain that is Sativa-dominant is more likely to provide more cerebral effects. However, because of the heavy concentration of shatter, you will experience more intense effects because the shatter buds can be up to four or five times as potent as their origin buds. The potency of this cannabis product creates a great option, especially for people that have serious pains and aches as well as those who have high cannabis tolerance. The products that are less potent and gentler are recommended for beginners, although they might not offer the same great relaxing effects gotten from a potent concentrate such as shatter. Some of the positive effects that most shatter consumers experience include euphoria and a sense of overwhelming calmness. Although different people have different personal experiences with the substance, most consumers have remarked feeling deep relaxation all through their bodies. buy shatter Canada from Fantasy Shrooms now and you can also experience some of these great effects of shatter.

Medical Benefits of Shatter

Shatter is a highly potent and long-lasting cannabis concentrate and it is highly effective in the treatment of medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pains and aches. Just like we said earlier, shatter has a high concentration of THC which makes it great for relieving stress and pain. 

Generally speaking, many people choose to use cannabis because of its ability to help reduce inflammation and thus provide a natural pain reliever. With the kind of high THC concentration that shatter has, these effects are quite prominent. When low doses of the substance are consumed, you can experience a reduction in tension, improvement of mood, as well as a boost in appetite. These medical benefits, however, are personalized and each person is likely to gain benefits depending on what they need specifically. There is still a lot of research being done on the medical benefits of shatter, but that won’t stop you from getting yours when you buy shatter online.

Shatter or Marijuana Flowers

Shatter is referred to by some as buds in a more concentrated form. Here, the flower has gone through a process of breaking down and destroying, and this leaves only terpenes, cannabinoids, and residual oils. The popular glass-like texture is then created after the setting, drying, and curing of the oil. Shatter and cannabis flowers look very different. Shatter is, however, significantly more potent than the average marijuana flower with the flower usually having just about 15-25% of THC, whereas shatter can go as high as 90% in THC content. The flower can be grounded and manipulated easily, something that is not possible for the shatter. Shatter is pretty fragile and it can easily break. This is what makes it harder to smoke even though it is much more effective. Generally speaking, the potency of shatter is not for beginners or anyone with a low tolerance level.

Shatter or Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter comes from the weed wax family of cannabis concentrates and it is regarded as one of the most potent THC forms available now, as well as one of the hardest to get. The fragile nature of shatter in comparison with other concentrates makes it pretty difficult to handle. Several other concentrates like wax and budder have more viscosity which allows the dab to be much easier to manipulate. Although, the composition of shatter still makes it highly rated because of its unrefined and pure structure as well as the high level of THC. It can be pretty difficult for you to get shatter because it is less regular than budder or wax due to the production process and potency.

Shatter or Weed Edibles

The effect of cannabis edibles on the consumer is significantly different from the effects of other weed products. After consuming THC, there is a different reaction in the body that usually produces a long and heavy body high. The cannabinoids have to move through the body by digestion, inhalation, or getting right into the bloodstream before metabolism in the liver. This method of digestion takes the most time whereas inhalation or sublingual consumption are the quickest. The liver performs the function of metabolism of the THC from the bloodstream and the speed of this process depends on several factors like other medications being taken. The absorption into the bloodstream is slowed by the liver if the weed is taken orally instead of being consumed sublingually or by inhaling. However, shatter is best consumed by inhaling. Inhaling the substance allows the effects to kick in quickly, which allows you to enjoy your dab’s benefits easily. In comparison with edibles, the high is much shorter, and it feels less of a body high and more cerebral. You should however note that some producers choose to make the edibles with concentrates. This allows the high to be much more potent because you put together shatter’s high level of THC and the long-lasting effects of cannabis digestion. There are so many great benefits to enjoy from the products you can get when you buy shatter Canada from Fantasy Shrooms.

Making Shatter

The production process that shatter goes through is dependent on the manufacturing company. Producers use solvents like ethanol, CO2, or butane in destroying the plant matter and only leave residual oils. This isolates the THC as well as some cannabinoids. After purging the extract of leftover solvents, then the shatter is put through a serious process of purification that brings a transparent composition. This concentrate is then left without touching as it dries, which is different from the other concentrates. When you leave the molecules untouched, it allows a glassy appearance to form. You should not that this is not a process we recommend trying at home. It can be very dangerous especially if you have no prior experience in handling these substances and equipment. Before you can produce top-quality concentrates, you need good lab space as well as some high-tech equipment. So, we strongly advise that you leave this process to the professionals and buy shatter online instead.

Taking Shatter

There are several different ways that you can consume shatter. These include:

  1. Dabbing: This is a type of vaping that is more powerful. It involves using a dab rig and heating the shatter to a very high temperature using a mini blow torch. Dabbing is still the most popular method for consuming shatter.
  2. Vaping: You would require a vape pen that can produce a lot of heat as well as a dry herb vaporizer. You can also heat the shatter, and mix it with terpenes, before adding it to the vape cartridge.
  3. Smoking with a pipe or bong: This method can be a bit difficult because you need to heat the shatter to the ideal temperature. So, it is advisable that you heat it before you even add it to the pipe or bong.
  4. Add it to a joint: Some weed consumers choose to mix their shatter with some tobacco or marijuana. This helps it to burn better, and you should make sure that it is well mixed before you add the mixture to your joint. Ensure you smoke a joint full of shatter carefully and slowly to ensure the burn is thorough and even.

Storing Shatter

Just like the case of many other cannabis products, you should store your shatter in a cool and dark place, and in a container that is airtight. The cannabinoids and terpenes contained in your shatter would be affected by air, light, or harsh temperatures. This will lead to a decrease in the potency of your shatter as well as in its aroma. The best containers to use are opaque silicone ones because they ensure that any excess air or light is prevented from getting on. Also, ensure that the shatter is sealed and labeled the right way.

Side Effects of Shatter

Because of the high percentage of THC content, which sometimes goes as high as 90%, newcomers are not advised to take shatter. Even if you just take a small dose of it, it can cause you significant damage including anxiety, nausea, paranoia, and dizziness. Getting dry eyes and dry mouth are also pretty common side effects so you should prepare well for any possibilities. If you suffer any of these side effects, then you should try to level out and alleviate the effects by doing some everyday tasks like drinking water, eating, or even showering.

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