What are Cannabis Chocolates?

Cannabis chocolates are just what the name suggests, a lovely coming-together of weed and chocolate to create an amazing psychedelic treat. These stoner chocolates are usually produced with cannabis concentrates or extracts, and they are usually made of CBD, THC, or both compounds combined. However, it is only those that contain THC that will induce the psychoactive effects commonly nicknamed a “high”, whereas the purely CBD-produced chocolates do not get your high. There is a wide variety of cannabis chocolates available including both dark and milk chocolate options. Several companies infuse this cannabis into some of your favorite bars of chocolate. Cannabis chocolates are some of the most widely regarded edibles produced, and there are several advantages they hold over other methods of consuming cannabis. Whether you use cannabis for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, these chocolates are a great way to satisfy any cravings for sweet treats. You can buy cannabis chocolate Canada right now from Fantasy Shrooms and get your high-quality cannabis chocolates.

What Do Cannabis Chocolates Do?

Most experienced stoners know that edibles are a whole different ball game from vaping, smoking, or other ways of taking cannabis. These edibles produce more long-lasting and potent effects than smoking produces. These chocolates do not enter through your lungs, but they take a route through your digestive system into your bloodstream. You need to first digest the chocolate completely before your body can even start processing the THC and other compounds within the chocolate.

The cannabis chocolates need to get to your liver and small intestine. After reaching your liver, then you can expect to experience some interesting things. The enzymes that your liver contains then transform the THC in the chocolate into 11-hydroxy THC, which is more potent. This is the reason why the effects induced by edibles seem to be different from those gotten through vaping or smoking. Your body might take about an hour before this process is complete, and that is why it often takes a long while before the effects of cannabis chocolates are felt. After the THC and other such compounds get to the brain, then your body’s endocannabinoid system will begin to experience its effects. It is the interaction between the system and the compounds that produce the feelings we refer to as a ‘high’. The edible effects usually last between four to six hours, depending on how potent the chocolates you consumed are.

Positive Effects of Cannabis Chocolates

Taking weed chocolates usually comes with several great effects and you can buy cannabis chocolate online now to begin experiencing these effects. The most significant for these chocolates as well as other kinds of edibles is that they provide an alternative method of consuming cannabis without all the smoke. This is an ideal way for people to enjoy cannabis without the negative health effects associated with inhaling weed smoke. 

Cannabis chocolates are also known for inducing a state of euphoria and relaxation, and this has made them a very popular product in Canada. You can also get your cannabis chocolates now from Fantasy Shrooms, the number one online dispensary in Canada. Also, eating cannabis in the form of an edible allows you to experience all the great antioxidants that the plant contains. These antioxidants provide you with the protection needed against potential damage caused by some diseases and stress. These cannabis chocolates contain antioxidants, and some studies have even shown that the chocolates could be used in boosting heart health. And they also taste fantastic!

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Chocolates

Apart from the awesome wellness benefits attached to weed chocolates, there are also some great medicinal benefits that they provide. Just like we stated earlier, these edibles usually produce longer-lasting and more potent effects than those gotten from vaping, smoking, as well as other methods of consuming cannabis. It is possible that this makes them better to be used by patients that want to enjoy a long-lasting and highly-effective relief of symptoms. These edibles are also great for treating people that are suffering from chronic pain because of their high potency. Cannabis chocolates as well as other edibles usually induce more of a body-centered high than the other cannabis products, and this makes them ideal for treating physical pains and aches. Another important medicinal benefit of cannabis chocolates is their effectiveness in treating nausea regardless of the cause. 

Because of how long it takes for the effects to be felt, edibles might not be great for people that want to experience instant relief. However, these are perfect for people who can anticipate the symptoms of their conditions like people going through menstrual cramps or going through chemotherapy. The cannabis chocolates that contain CBD are said to produce even more medicinal benefits than the ones that contain only THC. These CBD-infused edibles are used in treating several medical conditions like inflammation, insomnia, and more. You can buy cannabis chocolate online now from Fantasy Shrooms and click here to learn more about the great benefits cannabis chocolates have to offer.

Cannabis Chocolates or Marijuana Flowers

Cannabis chocolates are significantly more potent than cannabis buds, and because of their method of consumption, they also create different effects. These chocolates usually produce an intense couch lock sensation and they usually last significantly longer as well.

Cannabis Chocolates or Cannabis Concentrates

Both of these forms of cannabis are highly potent and also unique. There are several kinds and different methods that you can consume that could alter your experience. Most cannabis concentrates are consumed by dabbing, vaping, or smoking so they act similar to smoking unrefined flowers. This means that edibles have the same advantages over smoking normal cannabis as they have over concentrates.

Making Cannabis Chocolates

You can buy cannabis chocolate Canada from Fantasy Shrooms today and get your a-grade cannabis chocolates. However, some people prefer to combine the chocolate and cannabis themselves, and there is an easy and quick way you can do this. Here is a short guide on the process.

You should first decarboxylate the unrefined cannabis flower because this provides the activation that some compounds contained in your cannabis need to induce psychoactive effects. If you do not perform this step, then you would most likely be disappointed with the effectiveness of your chocolates. You can get a detailed guide on how to perform the decarboxylation of your cannabis buds here. After you have completely decarbed the cannabis, you can begin to produce the chocolates. Just melt away the chocolate in a saucepan and stir it until it is completely creamy and smooth.

Then, the chocolate should be removed from the heat before you mix it into the grounded cannabis. If you want to get the best out of your cannabis chocolates, ensure that the cannabis is grounded up very finely. This will make sure that your cannabis is evenly distributed in the chocolate. After you mix it up, then you can pour the mix of chocolate into a mold. And if you do not have a mold, then you can just improvise by using a normal ice cube tray. You can also just make a mound of chocolate if you so choose. Then, just refrigerate it and you are ready to enjoy your cannabis chocolate. You can also click here to gain more insight on how to make high-quality cannabis chocolate.

Taking Cannabis Chocolates

Just eat it, it’s actually that simple! But you should also know that these products have a high level of potency so you should eat the right dosage. There is a wide range of edibles infused with CBD and THC that you can get at Fantasy Shrooms. But you should also note that it is difficult to find an estimate of how much psychoactive THC is contained in a batch of edibles and this makes dosages pretty difficult. So, you can start by consuming a small amount because these edibles are significantly more powerful than your regular blunt. There are many individual factors at play though, and you should definitely know your tolerance level before even diving into cannabis chocolates.

Storing Cannabis Chocolates

Cannabis chocolates do not usually last as long as other cannabis products because of how quickly food usually spoils. Just ensure that these edibles are packaged in an airtight container and stored in a dark and cool spot. It is also important that you do not eat any of the edibles once it has passed the expiry date, and that you label your cannabis chocolates properly. You should also keep these edibles far out of the reach of pets and children because it could be very dangerous to them.

Side Effects of Cannabis Chocolates

The trips induced by cannabis chocolates are quite unpredictable. They sometimes come hard and intense, and other times pretty light and calming. This is why you should always take your cannabis chocolates moderately and start with low doses. It might take a bit of time before you begin experiencing the effects so you should leave some time between each dose you consume.

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