What are THC Gummies?

These amazing products are exactly what the name suggests. These are delicious gummies with a little psychedelic twist. The gummies can contain any of the cannabis compounds or even a combination of them. However, it is only the THC-infused gummies that can result in psychoactive effects. These gummies can be gotten in a wide range of flavors, whether you prefer sweet or sour gummies. They also have several awesome recreational and medicinal benefits that we normally associate with cannabis compounds. So, if you want a delicious and convenient way to enjoy your cannabis, you can buy your THC gummies now when you buy THC Gummies Canada from Fantasy Shrooms.

What Do Cannabis Gummies Do?

Just like other edibles, the way gummies work is different from the other methods of consuming cannabis. This is because the method of digestion of these gummies is done in a way that creates different effects that last longer. We have created a detailed guide to help you understand exactly how gummies work in the body.

After the ingestion of the gummies, they will initially pass through the digestive system. This process is quite different from what results after smoking where the THC molecules move directly into the lungs and from here right to the bloodstream. This produces nearly instant effects. However, edibles like gummies create a very different experience. After the gummies have gone through the digestive system, then they quickly make a stop at the liver. There are some specific enzymes located in the liver that then turn the THC molecules into the active 11-hydroxy THC.