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Originating right here in North America the B+ is known for its durability and hardiness. This strain is easier to grow, grows more quickly, and is a fan favourite. It’s generally the first choice among newcomers to shrooms. Its strength level is medium. It gives a warm visual and spiritual trip to its users.

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4 reviews for B+ Magic Mushrooms | Medusa Extracts

  1. T Rogic

    Do not underestimate these, even if they are recommended for beginners. I think I broke my brain.

  2. Jane Maeve

    The description for this product matches the high exactly. Use them for micro dosing and tripping, great experience on both fronts. Highly recommended.

  3. Miles

    This is fantastic stuff, and it’s really potent! Since I’m high on this Special substance, words can’t express how I feel right now!

  4. Corey Alvin

    Yes, I adored it. I almost struck one of those for quite some time yesterday, but I still want to appreciate this beautiful mushroom!!!

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