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Originating in Australia, these mushrooms contain an advanced level of compounds and advanced users should expect visual and physical experiences. There’s more than meets the eye with the Blue Meanie. It’s identified by its blue color. Users have experienced a wide range of effects, including synesthesia, feelings of being energized, happiness, and very deep introspection.

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2 reviews for Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms | Medusa Extracts

  1. Eve Dickinson

    The Blue Meanies experience was loaded up with everything. It started with an amazing uneasiness as I opened them. Net! I cherished it! Split a half quarter with my boyfriend. They were so dull and grimy. They tasted as shocking as you envision sweat-soaked exercise centre socks may. The mushrooms hit quick and hard. Very inspiring and positive. Unquestionably a pleasant time.

  2. Jack

    Blue Meanies are overall quite solid. I felt they’re the ideal strength for me. I will arrange the Blue Meanies when I need to have my next level of the world.

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