Boost Edibles 300mg THC (15x20mg) Cherry


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Unlike Boost’s wide selection of CBD infused edibles, their Cherry THC gummies( apart of their wide collection of THC edibles) delivers in a sleek dark red hue, a varied sweetness reminiscent of that delectable natural cherry flavor, and potent THC concentrate in each cube! With those familiar natural components, the mini cube design, and convenient casing, the cherry gummy delivers. Boost’s Cherry Gummies taste as great as they look and smell! These weed cherry bombs allow consumers to increase creativity and can be used as a simple rest aid to be physically and mentally calming.

Boost Cherry Gummies create a high that leaves you feeling restored and connected with your body. An overall small tool for wellness, the cherry flavor does not overwhelm the senses and while still maintaining that sugar rush only with a more toned down after effect. Talk about euphoria! One or two gummies can have you slowly and comfortably falling into your recreational activities, or into your bed!

From the polished clean encasing to the velvet-like texture and color, these gummies get you excited for a snack, even more, when you try them! The dark sweetness remains quite favorable, while the high presents itself quickly, and is one to be worthy and memorable. So why not dabble with Boost’s Cherry THC (300mg) infused gummies today and figure out what mode you intend to utilize its amazingly potent high! Try today and embrace that tantalizing cherry tingle.


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