Bubblegum A++++ Indica Puff Boyz


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Puff Boyz multiple award-winning Bubble Gum strain. It?s the finest Weed title ever, and the fourth annual Jack Herer Cup was in 2018; Light green buds cover Bubblegum Weed. Orange pistils stand out among the small leaves, adding to the flowers? Beauty; Beauty attracts pollinating insects. Frosty nugs are covered in white trichomes and sticky Resin; Resin increases its potency.

Effects of Bubblegum Weed Strain
It provides moderate energy for errands. The strain?s Indica side relaxes muscles; it gives a full-body massage to ease aches; consumers feel sedated and numb as the high intensifies.
Strong wants to lie down immobilizes you; this strain is delicate and doesn?t have fatal side effects; dry mouth and eyes are common adverse effects. To relieve these symptoms, drink water.

Bubblegum Strain Flavour
Strawberry and citrus flavours tickle your mouth when you smoke. Exhaling brings grapefruit and basil notes. They linger for hours after smoking.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 10Z


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