Candy Jack Shatter (Wonka Extracts)

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Each Order Contains 1 Gram of Shatter

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Candy Jack Shatter by Wonka Extracts is the super-potent end result of a crossbreed between the famous Sativa Jack Herer along with the Sativa-dominant Cotton Candy. This Cannabis Cup winner has THC levels that may hit 27%, which makes it easily the strongest breeds on earth. CBD content, on the other hand, is low, less than 1 percent. The Sativa genes predominate in Candy Jack, as they do in its own parent breeds (the specific proportion of Sativa into Indica at Candy Jack Shatter is unknown). This usually means a powerful, peppy, lively cerebral high with creativity along with also a feeling of euphoria.

Each Order Contains 1 Gram of Shatter

Flavours: Citrus, Skunk, Sweet

Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Focused

Medical Benefits: Depression, Stress, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue, Headaches

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