Cherry Pie A++++ Hybrid Puff Boyz


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Cherry pie is a Southern California specialty known for its sweet cherry flavor that reminds you of the piping hot pie you ate as a child. A potent hybrid of Durban Poison and Grandady Purple, it offers the best of both worlds in a balanced effect. A versatile strain, this hybrid expresses the cerebral uplifting qualities of Durban Poison and the relaxed, soothing highs of GDP. Cherry pie is just one of California?s best kept secrets.

Effects of Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is a balanced strain that offers some of the best effects of both Indica and Sativa types. , experience a soothing sense of body relief and calmness. As your stress, headache, or aches and pains are carried away by this amazing blissful exhilaration of tension, as your mind concentrates so does the cerebral exhilaration, and you fall into a state of even greater euphoria. Despite deeply relaxing the body, users are more focused and creative, allowing them to participate in their daily activities. Cherry Pie is useful for artists and those who suffer from ADD/ADHD and/or hyperactivity.Its sense of calm and relaxation is great for those suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, or simply for those who are particularly stressed. It can also help calm those who have a long day.

Flavours of Cherry Pie
Cherry pie strains have dense, small to medium-sized buds that are pale mossy green with orange pistils. She?s also adorned with purple undertones, a trait inherited from Granddaddy Purple, and layers of trichomes that give her a brilliant white glow. It?s not just sour cherries and a freshly baked pastry crust! It has notes of flowers, herbal earth and sweet blueberry, and you can also feel its aroma and flavor, making it feel like you?re eating a delicious mixed fruitcake in the middle of a botanical garden. Thing. Cherry Pie is a truly unique profile as she is one of the few cherry flavored varieties on the market with a blend of herbs and flowers. Don?t miss these delicious and rare sweets!

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