Death Bubba A++++ Indica Puff Boyz


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Death Bubba is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) descended from Bubba Kush; this dank bud has a 23% THC level and can cause death-like sleep. After smoking, you?ll feel a rush of focused energy that leaves you energized and motivated with psychedelic tendencies.
The flavour of Death Bubba is spicy lemon pine with a tinge of pungent earth on the exhale. The nugs of this medium-sized bud are a dark forest green colour with a hint of purple and a scattering of flaming orange hairs.

Effects of Death Bubba Strain
A condition of euphoria that, in addition to the pleasure itself. It is accompanied by additional feelings, such as pleasure, appetite, Relaxation, and exhaustion.

Flavours of Death Bubba Strain
This wine possesses aromas and flavours of citrus, pine, spice, sweetness, and a touch of woodiness all at the same time.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 10Z


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