Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Bulk

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Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Bulk

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms were first classified in the 1980’s but the specifics of its discovery are shrouded in mystery. Golden Teacher mushrooms are medium to large size fruiting bodies, with bell shaped orangish brown caps that often have a distinct whitish yellow speckling. Its thick white stipe (stem/stalk) often thickens towards the base Its experience include a mix of mental and bodily effects. Its also known for often eliciting spiritual or mystical experiences.

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Microdosing (02G-0.5G)

A microdose can lead to subtle yet profound internal shifts and improvements in mood, productivity, or creativity, enhanced focus, less reactivity. Microdose can relief from depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, and a variety of other symptoms.

Level 1 (0.2G-0.5G)

Level 1 produces a mild “stoning” effect, with some visual enhancement (i.e. brighter colours, etcetera). Some short term memory anomalies, light euphoria, and minor distortions.

Level 2 (0.5G-1G)

Bright colours, and visuals, some 2 dimensional patterns become apparent upon shutting eyes and vivid patterns, vast increase in creativity, increased euphoria, deep introspection, and heightened mood.

Level 3 (1G-2G)

 Level 3 is with 1-2grams of magic mushrooms, with very obvious visuals and kaleidoscopes seen on walls, faces etc. Some mild hallucinations such as rivers flowing in wood grained or “mother of pearl” surfaces. Closed eye hallucinations become 3 dimensional.

Level 4 (2G-3G)

Strong hallucinations, i.e. objects morphing into other objects. This is a heavy trip, that things start talking to you, or you find that you are feeling contradictory things simultaneously and some loss of reality while time becomes meaningless.

Level 5 (3G-4G)

Level 5 is the ego death experience with total loss of visual connection with reality. Merge with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss             of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally                     perceived.


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  1. Jorge Gonzalez

    This is a magnificent strain, thanks such a lot of I will arrange this once more. Too great Mushrooms

  2. Kevin G.

    Nice little buggers. I tried 4 grams and it was the ideal sum for a full encounter trip

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