Juicy Fruit A++++ Sativa Puff Boyz


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You?ll experience all of the main effects of cannabis, including exhilaration, relaxation, and contentment. You?ll appreciate opening the jar only to inhale the hazy fruit blend because the aroma is unmatched.

Effects of Juicy Fruit
This well-rounded hybrid?s high is primarily cerebral in nature, igniting users? imaginations and sharpening their focus while also bestowing upon them a mildly uplifting sense of vigour that will enable them to overcome any obstacles in their path. Juicy Fruit has earned a reputation for having an enticing flavour and aroma that has been compared to everyone?s favourite bubble gum, as the name might imply. The flavours have been compared to a variety of sweet, tropical fruits with hints of plums and a pia colada-like flavour.

Flavours of Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit is a resilient strain that has a combination of sweet, tropical-like flavours and a clear and uplifting, yet relaxing high. With THC levels that averagely range around 17-20%, this is a great all-around strain that is ideal for use during both the day, and night time.

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