Mimosa A++++ Sativa Puff Boyz


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Mimosa Strain has a unique taste, small buds, and powerful sativa effects; the hybrid strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica.
Mimosa?s 27% THC is good for persons battling depression, appetite loss, psychological issues, and persistent Stress or anxiety.
This morning and midday treatment has profound intellectual and social effects. Mimosa energizes, increases Creativity, and clears the mind.

Effects of Mimosa
Mimosa?s fast-acting and long-lasting effects make it popular; the strain?s tremendous pleasure makes users feel energized and creative; you?ll feel refreshed and delighted after such a few Mimosa puffs.
Stress reduction and relaxation boost mood, and Stress make you communicative and motivated; party-perfect Mimosa, Mimosa?s vitality boosts mood and motivation, and Morning or daytime use increases focus and productivity; its sativa-leaning effects help consumers move quickly and focus.

Flavours of the Mimosa
Its buds smell tropical and citrusy; When smoked, this strain creates earthy, woody blossoms and a sour, fruity aftertaste.

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