OG Kush A++++ Indica Puff Boyz


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OG Kush is a Florida-original strain, a Northern California strain crossed with Amsterdam Hindu Kush. This strain was used to create Girl Scout Cookies and remains popular. The cross produced a hybrid kush with a specific terpene profile; expect powerful cerebral high and couch-locking indica effects.

Effects of OG Kush
OG Kush?s 75:25 indica: Sativa ratio delivers a head-focused high; the headrush boosts focus and attention span, Some users have heightened senses, and The user will feel happy and euphoric, elevating their mood. This strain?s sativa effects won?t overwhelm the user?s feelings and thoughts like other sativas, After sativa?s intellectual effects, the body will feel relaxed and lazy, and Couch-lock causes tiredness; this strain is best for nighttime; it?s essential to time smoking during the day to avoid couch-locking and laziness.

Flavours of OG Kush
Due to its overwhelming indica genetics, the smoke is harsher than typical but still delicious; Its earthiness lingers on the tongue after smoking.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 10Z


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