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Its fanciful name comes from its unique resemblance to a part of the male anatomy. It’s revered as one of the most potently psychotropic mushrooms in Canada. Though strong, the experience is well-balanced by producing visual fractal images, distortion of time, and light euphoria. The best thing about this shroom is that it’s user-friendly for a wide range of experiences. Beginners are urged to start with a lower dose.

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2 reviews for Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms | Medusa Extracts

  1. Victor Gaston

    I had tried the Penis Envy magic mushrooms and it has helped me with my depression, anxiety and mental agility. It’s a real good mental health help, It’s a great help in My life and start a new career inspiration and motivation, Thank You fantasy shrooms, off the hook!

  2. Bill Larson

    0.75gram felt like a (1.5g) double of it. By a long shot the most grounded strain i’ve ever had. I’m happy to see these on the site, Thank you

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