Pink Panther A++++ Hybrid Puff Boyz


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Pink Panther has a pine and pear flavour characteristic. The sativa-dominating hybrid?s cerebral and physical buzz promotes Creativity and Relaxation, and Pink Panther?s long-lasting high and potency have made it popular.
Pink Panther?s high THC and CBD content may treat many health conditions. It relieves migraines, headaches, and depression and may reduce chemo and radiation side effects.

Effects of Pink Panther Strain
Pink Panther is a powerful Sativa hybrid, new users should stick to their range to reduce negative effects, and New users should take a small dose and gradually increase it; this Sativa blend is cerebral; expect mental highs; users report feeling energized.
Pink Panther relaxes, and Its relaxing effects may leave consumers couch-locked for hours; as Exhilaration builds, users may drowse.

Flavours of Pink Panther Strain
After consuming Pink Panther, you?ll be left with a strong, diesel-like odour and flavour; this Sativa hybrid produces a pleasant blueberry scent while burning, with hints of spiciness and fuel.

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