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Psilocybin Black Chai Tea | 1000MG


In Ginger Lemon flavor, too, will you find our incredibly tasty and highly beneficial Psilocybin tea. Every tea pouch of ginger citrus flavor tea contains up to 1000MG of natural psilocybin. Get this tea and it will only take an hour to see the incredible effects. Grab your favorite flavor and enjoy the taste as well as incredible health benefits.

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For tea lovers, there is no better way to enjoy Fantasy Shrooms. The delicious Psilocybin Tea comes in Black Chai tea flavour with each tea bag containing up to 1000MG of Organic Psilocybin. This concentration level is perfect for beginners and offers a mild to medium psychedelic experience. Let the psychocybin Black Chai Tea release your mind and body with a premium.

Benefits of Black Chai Tea:

1. Boasts powerful antioxidants
2. Improves digestion and eliminates constipation
3. Has anti-inflammatory properties
4. Aids weight loss
5. Great for detoxification
6. Lowers high blood sugar levels
7. Promotes heart health
8. Acts as a stress reliever
9. Reduces swelling and pain
10. Decreases tumour growth and lowers the risk of cancer
11. Helps in reducing menstrual cramps
12. Promotes healthy bones

Benefits of Psilocybin Tea:
1. Stimulates the growth and development of New Brain Cells
2. Reduces inflammation and Pain
3. Alleviates OCD Symptoms
4. Soothes Anxiety and depression
5. Gives Long-Term Medical and Spiritual Benefits
6. Connects the brain in new ways and promotes good brain health

3 reviews for Psilocybin Black Chai Tea | 1000MG

  1. Sienna

    A tea with a ginger lemon taste for relaxation could never be better… I’ve grown to enjoy it! gracious!

  2. Daisy

    A cup of this tea has provided me with a fantastic encounter with a bright, happy mood that evoked joy!

  3. Dean Tim

    Amazing flavour and just a cup gave me relief from muscle pain plus the cherry on top was the fast delivery

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