Rockstar OG Tuna Can| Hybrid | Medusa Extracts


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Rockstar OG Tuna Can | Medusa Extracts

Size: 3.5G | 7G

A fusion of Sensi Star and Rockbud, it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid. You can recognize it by its grape-like aroma and spicy undertones, a very nice choice for the discerning user looking to relax. The maximum benefits can be felt for pain relief and sleep disorders. Popular with growers for its strong body and its powerful mental effects, it’s a standard among many cannabis fans. For users with frequent pain, as well as headaches, this is a guaranteed choice to provide potent euphoric mind effects Can also be a sedative for sleepless users. Its 15-17% THC makes it a comfortable choice for a variety of user experiences.

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3.5G, 7G


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