Romulan A++++ Indica Puff Boyz


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Romulan will lead you to the stars; quick-thinking smokers named this indica-dominant hybrid; many said its powerful impacts might ?dent your head? Romulan wrinkles! Stoners are creative.
This strain is well-known. Genetics are unknown, Federation Seeds cloned it in 1996, and Crossbred Romulan with White Rhino once cloned; only 3% of the original White Rhino genetics remains.

Effects of Romulan Strain
Romulan has amazing effects, and Relaxing won?t be hard, Romulan should be used at night, and Heavy body high relaxes Internal massage. The Romulan cocktail chills and confuses; it can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes, It?s powerful, and it is a relaxing strain; its hunger stimulates hunger, and it can ease chronic pain; it relieves tension, anxiety, and grief.

Flavours of Romulan Strain
You?ll love the flavour! This strain is sweet and earthy; It?s peppery and woody. Citrus notes add a refreshing twist! Romulan is sweet and lemony. Romulan makes you feel like you?re in a tropical pine forest.

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