Slurricane A++++ Hybrid Puff Boyz


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Experienced breeders created Slurricane at Puff Boyz, which has earned a name by supplying superior strains and was featured prominently in High Times Magazine for its cannabis efforts. The original Slurricane phenotype is a hybrid between Dosidos (Do-Si-Dos) and Purple Punch. Puff Boyz version crosses two of their existing strains.

Effects of Slurricane
A tingling feeling starts behind the head and travels throughout the body. The bliss overtakes you, and before you realise it, you?re couch-locked for hours; several users report feeling drugged and hungry, so have some snacks handy before you can?t move.

Flavours of Slurricane
This strain?s high and flavour are both intense; pungent fragrances are complemented by spices and delicious tropical fruit, Smooth smoke with fruit and berry sweetness, creaminess, herbs, and spicy earthiness.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 10Z


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