Strawberry Shortcake A++++ Hybrid Puff Boyz


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Juliet and Strawberry Diesel were crossed to create the sativa hybrid marijuana strain known as Strawberry Shortcake. This strain offers euphoric effects that blissfully relax your mind. You?ll want more Strawberry Shortcake since it has a robust and hearty strawberry flavour. This strain is best used at night or on a night when you don?t have any important tasks to complete.

Effects of Strawberry Shortcake
With uplifting and gregarious qualities that are ideal for getting you interested in and carrying on discussions with anybody and everyone around you, the Strawberry Shortcake Strain high is as delectable as the flavour. You?ll experience happiness combined with a tinge of creativity, motivation, and a boost in attention, all of which are ideal for having fruitful discussions or humorous disagreements with friends and family.

Flavours of Strawberry Shortcake
Each delectable little puff of Strawberry Shortcake has a blend of sweet, luscious strawberries and peppery earth. The aroma has the same character, but it has a strong diesel undertone that changes when the nugs are broken apart and burned to heavy and sour.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 10Z


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