SunShower Gummies 150mg CBD (Baked Edibles)


Each bottle contains 15 SunShower Gummies, 10mg of CBD per gummy, 150mg CBD total per bottle.

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The Flavours:

Raspberry: Made with BC raspberry juice from the south Okanagan, gently touched with refreshing lemon juice, this gummy comes off with the jammy notes of a great, homemade preserve.

Blackberry: A deep, dark gummy cooked with BC blackberry puree. Tart and rich, this gummy dominates the palate the rich, deep flavors of a fantastic bottle of red wine and finishes off with a touch of black currant.

Green Apple: Light and refreshing, this gummy shines. The odor on this one is phenomenal, it will put you in the mind of sitting in a sunny apple orchard the day of harvest.  The flavor is gently tart, like a newly chosen granny smith apple.

Mango Tangerine: Sunny and tropical, this gummy rolls with the essence of Philippine mango, brightened with a touch of natural tangerine oil. Citrus, peach, and tropical fruit notes make this a complex fruit bomb of a gummy.

Pineapple: Golden, juicy and deep, this gummy has the rich, mouth puckery flavor of natural pineapple juice, picked up with a light citrus bite at the end. A great palate cleanser, between flavors.

Each bottle includes 15 SunShower Gummies, 10mg of CBD per gummy, 150mg CBD total per bottle.

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, gelatin, sorbitol, citric acid, natural flavor, artificial flavor, food coloring, cannabis extract, grapeseed oil, vegetable oil, vegetable wax.

Manufactured in a facility that also handles nuts.

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