Trolli Gummies – Sour Watermelon Sharks 600MG THC


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Buy THC Trolli Gummies – Sour Watermelon Sharks 600mg – Buy THC Edibles Online Canada

Medicated Trolli Gummies – THC Trolli Gummies, Cannabis Trolli Gummies & Weed Trolli Gummies

No smoke? No problem! We cater to those who wish to ingest their cannabis. EACH PACK OF TROLLI GUMMIES IS INFUSED WITH 600mg of 98.99% Pure THC Distillate. Explore collection of THC Trolli, Cannabis Trolli, Weed Trolli & Shop Online.


Relaxed 100%

Sleepy 70%

Happy 86%

Euphoric 90%

Hungry 60%


Stress 100%

Pain 95%

Insomnia 85%

Depression 89%

Lack Of Appetite 60%


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