Over the last couple of years, there has been a wild growth in the number of shaman schools opening up all over the United States. I don’t want to use the word virus (for obvious traumatic reasons), but shaman schools are spreading and you can probably find a school in your close vicinity where you can become certified as a psychedelic shaman. There are courses on how to be a professional trip sitter as well as psilocybin safety and others. They are certainly fascinating to learn about, but are they worth all the talk and hype?

The rapid growth of the cannabis and psychedelics industry is mainly what has prompted the increase in the number of shaman schools. Although these substances are not legal, the laws placed on them are not as strict as they were a couple of years ago, and this has played a pretty big part in how much the stock of psychedelics has risen. This is why shaman schools are looking less into the medical effects of these psychedelics and more into their hallucinogenic and otherworldly effects. Things like taking care of patients before, during, and after a trip through psychedelic integration, are some of the things being taught at shaman schools. 

These shaman schools have gotten quite a boost in their revenue in the last couple of years and a good example of this is Fluence. Fluence is a school for shamans where they charge over $500 per course. They offer virtual courses to their students and even perform in-person retreats which will only set you back about $7,450. Their program is held at the Catskill Mountains in New York and it is a pretty enjoyable place to learn as it sits right in the middle of beautiful nature. The students can learn psilocybin safety and trip-sitting with ease and in perfect serenity, although they do not pressure them to try psychedelics. Since it was founded, they have had more than 600 students with most of them being psychologists, social workers, therapists, or medical providers. The clinicians there do not recommend their students to take psychedelics but they support that the students should be able to make their choice and decision on their own. Taking psychedelics puts people in a vulnerable state so this training is very necessary to teach people what to do in those situations.

Fluence is one side of the spectrum where they are not required to take psychedelics, but on the other side is the psychedelic somatic institute. They opened up on the west coast not too long ago and they require their facilitators to take psychedelics. They believe that there is no way to understand psychedelics and their effects unless they take it themselves. Their average shaman course costs over $6,000 and it operates on a 5-day in-person class period, located in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles. The other parts of the course are done online for about 8 months. When you join their school, a psychiatrist will prescribe some ketamine for you, or you can even bring in your own weed from a legal dispensary. It’s only after your trip that you will be allowed into the class therapy sessions. 

Whatever you choose though, you should stay away from fake psychedelic experts and sketchy shaman schools. The way shaman schools are opening up all around, it could be quite easy for you to get scammed by shady and fraudulent “shamen”. The market is growing every day and it is now a free-for-all business, so almost everyone in certain areas is a shaman. Choose what shaman school you go to carefully and only get your shrooms from certified sellers. 

One more popular school for psychedelic learning is MAPS. If you are very knowledgeable about the world of psychedelic research, then you almost definitely know about the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. They started their research in 1986 and they are now known as pioneers in the psychedelic revolution of the scientific and medical industries. They offer a range of studies, but they are most famous for their MDMA Therapy Training Program, which costs $7,500. In the past 9years, they have taught more than 900 students. MAPS is also mainly responsible for cleaning up the image of MDMA as a harmful party drug, and they are now trying to get MDMA legalized as a treatment for people with PTSD. You can even choose to work with MDMA for some increased spiritual awareness, and MAPS will offer you a 100-hour program to become a certified MDMA therapist.  If you think there is anything shameful or bad about being a shaman, then you need to wake up! Being a shaman could very well be the craziest job to have in years to come, in a time where psychedelics will hopefully be fully legalized and widely used for medical purposes. All you need to do is choose a reputable shaman school, and select a course that suits what you want to learn. Fortunately, there are a lot of shaman schools available that you can choose from, so your options are in no way limited. It’s great to know a lot about staying safe with psychedelics, and you can get your psychedelics of the highest quality from www.fantasyshrooms.ca. They sell amazing dried mushrooms, truffles, and other fantastic products. Just go onto their website, choose your favorite psychedelic and have a great time tripping.

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