Can any experience be complete if there are no words to describe it? Before history began documentation, humans consumed mushrooms and underwent psychedelic experiences that they produced. We can assume that people have been given this experience, feeling, and fungi names from that era. Every culture has a native word for shrooms and their knowledge. For the sake of this post, we’d talk about some of the popular slang collections when it comes to shrooms.

The Genesis of shroom slang

Magic Mushroom” was popularized in the year 1957 by Life magazine. It came from an article Gordon Wasson, a mycologist and the Vice president at J.P. Morgan & Company at the time, wrote. In 1995, he went to Mexico to attend a ceremony (velada) hosted by Maria Sabina. There he consumed shrooms and later documented his experience. He titled the article “Seeking the Magic Mushroom.”

These psychoactive mushrooms got their first Western pop-culture name. This ignition spelled the beginning of different terminologies in the fungi world. Those who already had experience with these fungi in Mexico before Watson’s arrival began to give them their other names. Wasson’s publicity did more than allow mushrooms to earn different names. His wife Valentina inspired a generation of tourists to experience a shrooms trip to Oaxaca. It brought about the region’s transformation as it drew attention to the fungi ceremony. Interestingly, in English, the most common name used for psilocybin mushrooms is “Magic Mushroom.”

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The numerous names of magic mushrooms

The mushroom species that contain psilocybin number more than 200 globally. And at least 180 have psilocin or psilocybin; each has different Latin names. Mycologists use these Latin names to categorize and differentiate them. The scientific name of the most common magic mushrooms is “Psilocybe cubensis,” a significant part of the Psilocybe genus. No other genus has a more considerable number of psychedelic mushrooms than the Psilocybe. The Psilocybe has like 240+ unique species, but not all contain psilocybin.

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Regardless of the species, all psychedelic mushrooms are classified under the “Magic Mushroom” umbrella in western culture. Interestingly, the term is far from the only slang used for psychedelic fungi. There are other terms like Boomers, caps, mushies, and pizza toppings, to list a few. These magic mushroom species have unique nicknames like Golden Teacher and Penis Envy. All these mushroom strains have their unique attributes. You can buy shrooms in Canada, consume them and reap the benefits attached.

Shrooms-trip Slang

The experience will be incomplete without the perfect name to describe it. Psychonauts have the vernacular they use to describe the psychedelic landscape. In the same vein, Magic Mushroom slangs have words they use in the psychedelic community like the DMT and LSD. As much as the terms can be similar, the experiences vary between drugs. Magic Mushroom have different slangs or phrases that you should note:


This term is broad as it entails all the experiences, visuals, feelings, or hallucinations that set in after consuming or ingesting your shrooms or psychedelic drugs (DMT or LSD). “Trip” has been associated with this since the latter part of the 1920s, though its fame sometimes rose in the 1960s. We’ve heard reports of the term tripping being employed by the U.S. Army when they experiment with psychedelics during their training. You can’t enjoy your psychedelic trip without the right product.

The word “Trip” was a perfect definition because based on psychonauts, the experience with the drugs transports them to different settings and places in their minds. It looks like being on an actual journey and returning once the effect fades away.

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Ego Death

It is a situation in which one subjectively loses their self-identity. You can say it’s a dissolution of a person’s self-sense, the mind, and body. This unique experience can be linked to all the other types of “mystical-kind” that psilocybin mushrooms can champion. Before you can experience ego death, you have to take a total dose or larger doses of Magic Mushroom.

Loss of self is not necessarily a terrible experience; it just separates you from everyone and makes you feel connected to the universe. It’s just a simple way of attaining “oneness”; you experience a calming feeling; you feel at ease even when you have complex challenges in front of you. It’s a kind of “positive dissolution,” the exact feeling psychonauts hope to achieve from their magic mushrooms trip. Ego death is not always positive; the negative effect kicks in when anxiety and other negative emotions collide with the loss of self-identity


The slang flipping is when you mix your psychedelics with MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Primarily, flipping doesn’t stand independent it is always used in conjunction with other slang to label the psychedelic. When you mix LSD with MDMA, it is called CandyFlipping; mixing shrooms with MDMA is called Hippie Flipping. This method is not always safe as it comes with significant risks. When drugs that don’t complement each other interact, it can cause damage. You want to flip without trouble; then you will need just the right shroom to mix with your MDMA. You can buy shrooms in Canada and enjoy flipping without risk.


After taking psychedelics, you are liable for a sensual experience of visual hallucinations or reality alterations. With experience comes slight changes; you can experience vibrating saturated colors or even swinging trees and other stationary bodies. Psilocybin visuals can be accurately described as augmented reality. One begins to see edges of objects blur or even have some motion that’s not there. When you take them with similar doses, these visual hallucinations are much more delicate than those you experience with other psychedelics like LSD.

Bad Trip

It is only natural to have this slang. As everything isn’t always rosy, psychedelics can also deliver a bad experience. Some of these drugs can trigger terrible experiences if not taken per prescription. These experiences can be frightening; they can generate fear, disorientation, and even panic.

Shroom stomach

This slang refers to some side effects of taking shrooms that are not psychological. Most of these effects are felt mainly in the stomach; stomach pain, cramps, and nausea are some. The products may kick-in handled within the first 30-40 minutes of ingestion and gradually dissolve in the body. These shroom stomachs are caused by the rigid cell walls of raw mushrooms as they are indigestible to humans. However, many other consuming shrooms can help you avoid it. Shrooms edibles, Tea, and chocolate are some of these alternatives. Also, you can cook them or make them into powder forms; they are easy to digest that way.

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Shroom Dosage Slang

As a novice to psychedelics, you need to get familiar with some slang. When it comes to shrooms dosage, you will contact terms you are unfamiliar with. Here are a few keywords you should know:

Heroic Dose

Any large dose of psychedelics that can lead to intense hallucinations and promote reactions like ego death is called a heroic dose. Terence McKenna conceived the slang; he recommended a specific dosage for a fierce shrooms experience. His shrooms dosage prescription is called “heroic dose.” Recently any dose that can bring about intense shrooms experience is called a heroic dose.


You can say the opposite of Heroic Dose is a Microdose in a simple term. As opposed to taking a large dose to induce a shrooms trip, the microdose takes a small amount to avoid causing a shrooms trip. Most of the time, a microdose is one-tenth of a total dose. For mushrooms, it’s about 0.1g or 100mg. There have been informal reports of microdosing to relieve depression, severe aches, and anxiety. It also helps increase creativity, socializing, and productivity.  

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Terms you should know to enjoy safe Tripping.

To enjoy the benefits of a shrooms trip, knowing the languages associated is essential. Though it can’t expressly guarantee no safe experience, it will keep you well-informed of likely challenges you may encounter. Here are some terms you should know:

Set and Setting

Timothy Leary is credited with conceiving the concept of “set and setting” it first came up in 1964 in his book “The Psychedelic Experience.” Set refers to (internal factor), Setting refers to (external factor), the concept can then be simplified as the internal and external factors that impact one’s psychedelic experience. The “Set” can include elements like your mood and perception. The setting has factors like environment, weather, and similar factors. Sometimes some of these factors are cultural and are not even visible.


How well you can mentally travel through your psychedelic trip is termed Navigation. Why do you intend to experience a shrooms trip? During the journey, what emotions are you having? What do you say to yourself? What are your thoughts during the journey? Can you navigate through negative experiences if they ever arise? Navigation is just how you handle the journey and how well you get through it.


Is the final lap of the psychedelic trip is integration. It often takes place a few days after you’ve experienced the journey. It is about taking a timeout with friends, family, or a therapist to make sense of the experience you just went through. It’s just you being in charge of your consciousness and then trying to understand precisely what took place when you were not in control of your conscious state. They are trying to decipher if you can apply what you learned during the trip to your everyday life. It is more significant to those using psychedelics to treat trauma. For recreational doses, it is also essential. In simple terms, you can say integration creates an atmosphere to make sense of your shrooms-trip experience.


Knowing some of these shroom slang helps you better understand everything within the psychedelic community. As much as experimentation with psilocybin cannot be erased, understanding these slangs will keep you in good stead. Fantasy shrooms are Canada’s #1 Online Shrooms Mail Order Dispensary. We are committed to satisfying our customers. With us, you can buy shrooms in Canada and shrooms products. We offer the best quality microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms to customers anywhere in Canada. When you shop with us, you get to enjoy- 22% Off all your goods from a minimum of $150 using 2022WELCOME as your promo code. You can shop with us here at Fantasy shrooms.

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