The reasons why people decide to microdose psychedelics: to heighten productivity levels, to enjoy the experience of a psychedelic trip, to help sustain mental health, to relieve pains, to list a few. Paul Stamets, a renowned mycologist, brought the microdosing protocol, and it has continued to rise in fame ever since. Paul Stamets wrote more than five books on mushrooms in 2019; a Netflix documentary “Fantastic Fungi” featured him. He did not reach an academic rank; some fractions still consider him an amateur mycologist. Nonetheless, Paul Stamets is a very respected mycologist globally today. He has worked and studied medicinal fungi from as far back as the 1970s.

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Stamets Microdosing Stack

Three unique elements are well blended to create the Stamets Stack. These three elements include Shrooms microdose, Niacin, and Lion’s Mane mushroom. You can have access to Stamets stack, as you can buy shrooms in Canada. Enhancing cognitive functions and granting many neurogenesis benefits was why Stamets Stack was designed. Medically this hypothesis is yet to be reviewed; it has also not gone through severe clinical trials. In nutritional science and public health, these two processes are considered best practices. Here are some of the believed benefits of Stamets Stack:

  • Good sense of interconnection
  • Reduced depression
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Self-awareness
  • Heightened productivity
  • Relief symptoms of PTSD
  • Increase social ability and empathy
  • Maintain a good state of mind

In simple terms, the Stamets Stack is designed to enhance brain activity (a nootropic). It means it is created to help people live above their normal state of mind and help them think uniquely and adaptively. All Stamets stack schedules are available in Canada, and you can buy shrooms online in Canada. According to Paul Stamets, these can bring about the evolution of human consciousness. Stamets blends tiny doses of shrooms with other potent synergetic elements to achieve this.

Users can attain the benefits at the level of shrooms microdose. At Fantasy shrooms, you can buy shrooms online. Microdosing shrooms are different from taking low doses. The microdose is below the intoxication level, typically around one-tenth of an average amount. It means you can take it and go about your everyday daily life. On the other hand, a low dose can cause perceptible shrooms effects.

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Paul Stamets

Up until this moment, there has been limited research on microdosing, but so far, the research has been promising. These promises have led to a wide embrace of shrooms, and it is easy to have access to shroom products; you can buy shrooms in Canada. In 2013 a study was conducted on lab mice; researchers published that the mice could relieve the PTSD-fear response they were exposed to after ingesting psilocybin microdoses. In an introductory study conducted in 2019 to consider the challenges and benefits of microdosing, the conclusion was there it was promising and worthy of more research.

An informal review of some YouTube videos and messages from psychedelic pages shows direct testimony from mental health advocates on the potential of the stack to enhance mental health and emotional wellbeing.

What are the elements of Stamets Stack?

Over the years, some of the elements of Stamets Stack have evolved, which is evident in Paul Stamets’s numerous patent applications. He believes that the ingredients in the stack work well when they work in harmony. He cites an example of a possible accompanying effect from elements with similarities with those with hypnotizing effects in cannabis.

Lion’s Mane mushroom

“The bearded mushroom,” popularly called Hericium Erinaceus (Lion’s Mane), is white, puffy, and large. Allegedly it was used by Buddhist monks in Japan, where it was named the “mountain priest mushroom .”Primarily it stands as rooting for brain health; it does that by stimulating NGF(Nerve Growth Factor). It spurs the growth, production, and maintenance of neurons. Neurons usually stagnate and degenerate as they age, but Lion’s Mane is an anti-aging agent in the brain. Research showed that it lags and, in some cases, restricts dementia. According to Stamets, Lion’s Mane makes us smarter, so he called it an “intelligent mushroom.”

Lion’s mane tends to amplify the benefits of psilocybin in the long term. It is very cost-effective and legal; it is also assumed to have anti-inflammatory and heart health benefits. You can get them online and also offline in natural food stores. The lion’s mane being included as a critical element of Stamets Stack protocol amplifies the long-term benefits of psilocybin. In 2020, during the Bioneers conference, when giving his addressing note, Stamets tagged the lion’s mane as the “second smart mushroom .”It comes second only to psilocybin, which proves how significant the presence of a lion’s mane is to this nootropic stack. It bolsters the ability of psilocybin to champion neurogenesis.

Stamets points out that lion’s mane products, made from their underground components, are more potent than those made from the ingredients from the body aboveground.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

They are also referred to as “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms”; they have more than 100 varieties. But of all the varieties, the most popular and common one is Psilocybe cubensis. Psilocybin is not a psychoactive compound in itself; though it is the main element in shrooms, it becomes psychoactive when it interacts with the liver. It can be credited with the mind-altering effects of shrooms. The use of shrooms has been documented way back in history; shamans used it for spiritual purposes in pre-Columbian cultures all over the Americas. Also, rumors have it that the “stoned ape hypothesis” has evidence that the Early hominids in Africa ate shrooms, leading to a quick brain expansion. It spearheaded the evolution of the human race.

There are at least 116 varieties of shrooms; the most common of them all is Psilocybe cubensis. A study was carried out at John Hopkins university to know precisely the potential of shrooms in relieving anxiety and depression. More recently, a survey shows great promise, as people battling depression made measurable improvement after just undergoing two therapeutic psilocybin sessions. You can buy shrooms in Canada from fantasy shrooms as they have the best quality shrooms product available in the market. Another research shows the potential of psilocin in treating addiction to tobacco and alcohol. Amusingly over 60% of the participant abstained completely from smoking after 12 months in the recent study. This element (psilocin) substitutes serotonin (dominant neurotransmitter), which helps relieve anxiety and depression.

Micro dosing (Large doses of shrooms)takes center stage for psilocybin therapeutic properties. Paul Stamets advises microdosing or low dosing for Stamets stack. It can spur a perceptual psychedelic effect; for this reason, it is recommended that you shouldn’t take it if you have a great responsibility to shoulder. Notwithstanding, Stamets believes in the promising psychedelic potential. He says psilocin can make one kinder and more intelligent.

Some prefer microdose shrooms; a microdose is typically around 0.1-0.2g. this dosage varies depending on the person taking them. Some even consider 0.5g to be microdosing, but it is worth noting that the higher the dosage, the more the experience becomes potent.

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Niacin which is vitamin B3, is also called nicotinic acid. Primarily it functions to help convert food calories into useable energy. It also has a significant role in maintaining the skin, digestive and nervous systems. According to some of its advocates, this vitamin can also heighten the uptake of psilocybin when used in Stamets stack. 

The quantity of Niacin recommended in the Stamets stack is 100-200mg. When you take it accordingly, this vitamin will create a flush effect which can be uncomfortable, as the face, hand, and neck can be red for like 10-30minutes. The Vasodilative property of the Niacin is responsible for this flushing. More blood flows through the body, which is why the skin turns red. There is a chance of discomfort, itchiness, and even heat sensation (temporary) accompanying this effect. However, the presumed side effects of large doses of this vitamin are harmless. For the stack protocol, you’d want to refrain from the No-flush variety.

Note: If you have a history with conditions like kidney and liver disease, alcoholism, and any potential pharmaceutical interactions, you should reach out to a medical professional before taking high doses of this Vitamin B3.

Stamets Stack Dosages,

Paul Stamets gives a prescription for the dosage of each element in the Stamets stack. The guide below is for a person weighing 74kg (154 pounds):

  • Shrooms: 0.1-1.0g (0.5g and above can cause perceptual effect)
  • Lion’s mane: fresh 5-20g or extract of 50-200mg (having hericenones and erinacines)
  • Niacin: 100-200mg

Experts should determine the dosage level based on bodyweight: using this prescription as a guide, anyone with a bodyweight less than 74kg should start with lower doses. In contrast, those with higher body weight (74+) should start with doses a little higher than the prescription, preferably very close. Regardless of body weight, starting with lower doses is better; that way, you get to know how your body interacts with the psychedelic and what effect you will experience. It is worth noting that the potency differs depending on the mushroom; the method of cultivation and storage can also affect the impact you’ll experience.

The Paul Stamets Microdosing Protocol

The Stamets stack has two slightly different schedules for microdosing. In 2017, Paul Stamets recommended a 5:2 schedule (5 days of microdosing and two days off). In 2019, he advised a minor tweak on the initial schedule from 5:2 to 4:3 (4 days of microdosing and three days out). Regardless of the program you choose, taking 2 or 3 days off per week helps your systems interact with psilocybin.


The Stamets stack is not yet an approved medical protocol for any disease or brain health. The risk attached is still unknown to all. Also, the vitamin B3 (Niacin) dosage recommended by Stamets is still up for debate as it is far more than the daily allowance prescribed by the NIS. It is just to educate you and not use this as a direct substitute for medical treatment or advice. Whatever you do is up to you; consume at your own risk.

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