Top 3 magic mushroom for starters

It’s always a magical moment when you finally decide to try out shrooms. Problem is, you might not know where to start or what to look for. It is natural to feel confused about the numerous options available to you. Usually, most people just go straight up with the strains already used by someone they know. It will save you a whole lot of stress if you can know the strains most suitable for you. Fortunately, Fantasy Shrooms are a great place to buy shrooms online in Canada.

Below are three strains of magic mushrooms that are recommended for first-timers.

Wavy Z Magic Mushrooms

This amazing strain of shrooms, famous for its special wavy caps and lean stem. They are said to be indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Wavy Z is a member of the revered family of psilocybe cyanescens. It is not a regular but very strong substrate of psilocybin shroom than the more common cubensis diversity.

When taking Cyanescens for the first time, you need to be very cautious. Its effects are pretty strong and may cause hallucinations, distortion of reality, and loss of time. It is relatively potent and as such the quantity necessary to kickstart a trip is significantly less owing to the fact that the composite amount of active ingredient psilocybin is high.

Beginners are advised not to start with any dose higher than 0.3g – 1g of dose. More experienced users should still take caution and use 1-2 grams. Using in excess of this, there is a possibility of a torrid experience and the user may experience a deep hallucinatory effect.

Golden teacher magic mushroom

It’s one of the oldest existing strains of shrooms. A yellowish-gold shiny cap-like mushroom, golden teacher is a very classical strain and its effects improve the learning capability of users. So, the name is rightly earned.

The major active constituents of the Golden teacher shroom are psilocin and psilocybin. The Golden teacher shroom is a strain of psilocybe cubensis.

The species of the Golden teacher. Magic mushrooms are popular for their wide distribution and they are easy to grow in a home setting. They don’t require special conditions to grow.

The most interesting part about Golden teacher shrooms is that the psychedelic effect is gentle, which makes it the go to shroom for starters. More than just the trip, they are reputed for enhancing spiritual sensitivity. It opens up the mind to enlightenment.

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Brazilian magic mushroom

This is the ideal shroom for people who want to feel the psychedelic effect faster. It is the perfect starter shroom.  With light doses of this strain, you will feel the excitement coursing through your blood and your sensitivity is heightened with improved concentration. Taking higher doses of these can lead to deeper psychedelic effects that may be relevant for spiritual purposes.

It is recommended that you should start with a small dose of about 1-3 grams. Highly experienced users can take around 3-5 grams for full effect.

When you are ready to go on your first shroom trip, and you are considering the most suitable kind of magic mushrooms to use, you can always order for any of these three shrooms. To buy shrooms in Canada, Fantasy shrooms are a good place to start looking. You can buy magic shrooms online on our website.

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