Are you using shrooms for the first time? Quit worrying, this article will explain to you how microdosing can aid your cause.
Microdosing is when a user ingests a little number of psychedelic substances. It can be said that the purpose of Microdosing is to enjoy the good effects of psychedelic substances and not having a significant transformation in your mood or mind frame. With microdosing, you are not expected to experience the blunt force of an intense psychedelic effect.

All users have different levels of tolerance so there is no standard amount for microdosing. But for dried stems, usually, the normal template for microdose is between 0.15-0.3 grams. But it is advisable to start microdosing with low grams, as time goes on you increase your dose little by little. For the sake of curiosity, you can take higher doses so you can get to know what works for you faster. A high dose of the dried stem is between 0.5-1.0 grams.

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How frequent should my microdosing be?
Based on research, Dr. Fardman suggests that it is better to microdose in the morning and at the interval of three days. That is because it will provide you energy when it is important even shrooms can interrupt your sleep. There are various schedules and nobody can accurately decide for you, you may need to try different schedules and find the one that works best for you. Prepare a schedule for microdosing every day from Monday to Friday and then, take a day off on weekends.

The best form of microdose?
How strong a magic mushroom will be cannot be predicted accurately. Capsules are stronger than the stems because they have more psilocybin in them. To tackle this inconsistency, the most potent way to microdose shrooms is in powdered form.

You must measure the powder before microdosing, for better accuracy electronic scales are most preferred.

There are many ways to microdose, there is no perfect option, it is all based on individual differences, what appeals to one may not appeal to another. Ways to take in microdoses include:
• Capsule
• Magic Mushroom Edibles
• Shrooms tea.

Microdosing doesn’t have to be boring, you can spice it up in different ways. Whether it comes in the form of tea, pills, edibles, there are multiple ways with which you can enjoy microdosing when you buy shrooms in Canada. If you don’t like the tea, edibles, or even the shroom capsules, you can opt for it in chocolate form and other shroom edibles, likewise these are the major shroom product categories. To get your healthy microdose, buy magic mushrooms online at Fantasy shrooms. We remain one of the most convenient stores to buy shrooms in Canada.

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